Tosspon- Global Communication

UNO IPD - Meeting 14


BINGO & Breakfast

Teamwork & Self analysis

Personality & Communication

Reviewing all of our skills

Bring it all together


Review everything we’ve done up to this point.

When you do the action, cross off the box

First one to get 5 in a row

(or column, or diagonal) wins a prize!

Listening to our Interviews

• What kinds of questions were asked?

▫ Open or Closed Ended?

▫ Probing? Follow-up?

What makes a good team member?


Effective/good communicator

Active listener


Shares openly and willingly




Problem solver


• Take the Teamwork Skills


▫ Which areas are your weakest

What can make teamwork difficult?

Unreliable teammates

Effective/good communicator

Active listener

Someone refuses to Participate

Someone Participates LESS than others

Uncooperative people

Inflexible mind

Not Committed


Difficult personalities & communication style

Personality Issues

Thought question

• Describe your personality. Are you strongwilled? Easily convinced? Stubborn? How well do you LISTEN to others?

How can you discover how you interact with people?

Personality Spectrum

Thinker: Analytical, problem solver

Giver: Authentic, communicator

Organizer: Responsible, detailed

Adventurer: Daring, spontaneous


Spectrum: handout

Directions: Rank order all four responses to each question from most like you to least like you so that you use the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 one time each. Write numbers in the boxes next to the responses.

I learn best when the material is





well organized.

something I can do hands-on.

about understanding and improving the human condition.

intellectually challenging.


• Your overseas flight unexpectedly crashes into a mountain in the early morning hours

• When you regain consciousness, you are the only people in sight (no crew, other passengers, or natives).

▫ It is foggy, so you don’t know if you’re on an island or continent – you were all asleep when the crash happened, all electronic devices were damaged & unusable.

• You have only what is on you and what is on your airplane.

▫ Oddly, there is little damage to the plane, but the cockpit is burned beyond repair – no communication devices.

• What do you do? Where do you go? What items do you take/use?

Group behavior analysis


Did someone immediately take on the role of leader/spokesperson? Did a leader emerge gradually, or were you all equals?


Did everyone participate equally? Or did someone hold back?


Did someone feel hurt or left out, but continue to allow the group to continue with a decision?

Personality Spectrum Debrief

Get into groups by your Personality Spectrum strengths

Thinker, Organizer, Giver,


▫ Go to the group that you scored highest in. If you

“tied” in 2+areas, wait until groups are seated then join the smaller group)

▫ Introduce yourselves

Answer questions on handout.

Be prepared for EACH member of your group to contribute when you present your results to the whole group.

How does this information inform your group work?

• Awareness of how to deal with different personalities

• Awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses

• Helps you assign roles when you identify group mate’s personalities

Final Thoughts on Class

• Choose a quote that represents this class.