Chapter 5 and 6 Study Questions

Ms. Lincoln
Chapter 5 and 6 Study Questions
Geography of Africa
What does sub-Saharan Africa mean? p.112
What did the Niger River provide people living in the region? p.112
Describe Africa’s Sahara Desert p.114
Define: p.114
Rain Forest:
Why might more people live in the savannah than in the sahel? p. 114
The Sahara was a source for what two minerals? p.115
In which African climate region would you most like to live- desert, sahel, savannah or rain forest?
Ch 5.2 Early Culture and Trade
Who made up the extended family? p.116
Describe the roles of each: p.117
What did the West Africans believe about their deceased ancestors? p.117
What did they do to honor these spirits? p. 117
How did animism reflect what was important to early West African peoples? p.117
What important discovery happened about 500 BC? p.118
Who were among the earliest people to make use of this discovery? p.118
How did the Nok, living in present-day Nigeria use iron? p.119
What were the most valuable goods traded across the Sahara? p. 119
Why was crossing the Sahara as part of a trade caravan dangerous work? p. 119
What did the traders in West Africa offer as valuables? In the north? From Europe? p. 120-121
Chapter 6.1 West African Empires
Where was the ancient empire of Ghana located? p. 130
How did early Soninke farmers create a strong state? p.130
Why were gold and salt highly desired trade goods? p. 131
What is a silent barter? p.132
Fill in the blanks describing the silent barter system. p. 132
1. ________ traders arrived at the riverbanks near_______ fields. Salt was left for the gold traders.
Trading began with the ______ of a ________. The salt traders left and walked _________ miles
away. The _____ miners arrived by ________. They surveyed the salt and then left a ________
amount of gold in exchange for the _______. Trading continued until______________.
How did Ghana’s rulers raise money? p.133
What did Ghana’s kings do with the money they raised from taxes p.133
Why did the rulers ban anyone from owning gold nuggets? p.133
Who was Tunka Manin? p.134
What three factors contributed to Ghana’s decline? p.134
Ch. 6.2 Empire of Mali
Who was Mali’s first strong leader? p.136
After conquering nearby kingdoms, and after Sundiata conquered Ghana, what did he focus on?
p. 137
Why do you think it was important for the king of Mali to take away power from local leaders?
Who was Mali’s most famous ruler? p. 138
What religion did Mansa Musa belong ? p.138
How long did he rule? p.138
Why did Mansa Musa travel to Mecca on his famous journey in 1324 ? p.138
On his journey, Mansa Musa gave away 300 pounds of gold. What happened to the value of gold
after this? p.138
How did Mansa Musa spread his religion throughout Mali? p.138
Fill in the blanks:
Established _________________ teaching the ______________.
Sent _________________ to study in Morocco.
Stressed importance of ___________ and _____________ the _______ language.
Built _________________.
What was Timbuktu? picture on p. 139
How did traders travel to Timbuktu? picture on p. 139
What important goods were exchanged? picture on p.139
What are three reasons for the decline of Mali? p.140
Complete the following from p.141:
On his journey from West Africa to Mecca when did Mansa Musa travel?
He brought 12,000 ______________
500 ______________
14,000 ______________
500 ______________
6.3 Empire of Songhai
Where did the Songhai people live before they had their own kingdom? p.142
What religion did the Songhai practice? p. 142
Who was Sunni Ali? p.143
What three things did he work to do p.143
Who was Askia the great ? p.144
How did Askia improve Timbuktu? p.144
What did Askia do, just like Mansu Musa? p.144
What things did Askia do to support education? p.144
What happened to Askia when he was in his 80’s? 90’s ? Biography p.145
Why do you think Askia the Great’s tomb is still considered an honored place? Biography p.145
Why did Morocco first attack Songhai? p.145
What device helped the Moroccans to defeat the Songhai? p.145
In 1591, the Moroccan army invaded Songhai. Describe who made up their army? p.145
How might west Africa’s history have been different if the invaders who conquered Songhai had not
had firearms? p. 145- 146
6.4 Historical and Artistic Traditions
How did the people of West Africa pass down their history? p.147
Explain the role of griots. p.147
How did some griots make their stories more lively? p.148
What are proverbs, and what are they intended to do? p.148
What is the best known visual art form of West Africa? p. 150
How were masks used in West African culture? p.150
Why were singing and dancing so important in West Africa? p.150
How did West African music affect American music? Box : Linking to today p.150
Describe kente cloth. p.151
Dance was a big part of many celebrations. Give two examples. p.151