Write the correct letter on the line of the matching definition.

Culture, Population, & Resources Study Guide
Write the correct letter on the line of the matching definition.
1. ___ pollution
A. economic system in which government sets economic goals and
may own some businesses
2. ___ emigrate
B. tendency of a country’s people to move from rural areas to cities
3. ___ birth rate
C. scientist who studies population
4. ___ famine
D. farm that produces only enough to support a family's needs
5. ___ culture
E. chemicals used to kill insects and other pests
6. ___ pesticide
F. way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and
customs, including language and religion
7. ___ socialism
G. putting impure or poisonous substances into land, water, or air
8. ___ refugee
H. metals and other minerals that cannot be replaced once
they are used up
9. ___ urbanization
I. to move from one's country to another country
10. ___ nonrenewable resources
J. person who has had to flee to another country for safety
from disaster or danger
11. ____ developed country
K. number of children born each year for every 1,000 people
12. ____ cultural diffusion
L. average number of people living in a square mile or kilometer
13. ____ demographer
M. basis of a market economy in which people start and run
businesses to make a profit with little government
14. ____ natural resource
N. country that is industrialized rather than agricultural
15. ____ literacy rate
O. group of nonrenewable mineral resources - coal, oil, natural gas
- formed in the earth's crust from plant and animal remains
16. ____ population density
P. process by which knowledge and skills spread from one area to
17. ____ free enterprise
Q. anything from the natural environment that people use to meet
their needs
18. ____ civilization
R. highly developed culture, usually with organized religion and
19. ____ fossil fuels
S. percentage of adults in a society who can read and write
20. ____ subsistence farming
T. lack of food, affecting a large number of people