Highlights in Philippine History

Highlights in
Philippine History
Tabon Caves
 In western Palawan – Dr. Robert Fox
discovered in 1962, a fossilized skullcap,
22,000 years old.
 Tabon bird
 Skullcap was that of a woman
 Unhealed hole in the skull
Land Bridges
 Philippines was believed to be part of the
mainland Asia
 People traveled on foot
 Walking is the earliest mode of
Early Set of People who
came to the Philippines
 Negritos – traveled on foot – forebears
of the various tribes today known as
Baluga, Ayta, Agta, Mamanuwa, Batak,
Ati and Ata. They brought with them the
Paleolithic Age.
 Indonesians – first to arrive by sea, after
thousands of years, brought with them the
Neolithic Age.
 Malays – followed with more advanced
culture, introducing the Iron Age.
Barter Trade System
 Brought multi-cultural influences. Trading
vessels plying between the South China Sea to
the Persian Gulf, made the islands a
convenient stopping place for:
Japanese and
Siamese merchants
Historical Periods
Pre – Spanish Period
Spanish Period
American Regime
Japanese Occupation
Post War Period
First Philippine Republic
Spanish Period ( 15211898)
 March 16, 1521 – Fernao Megalhaes Y
Souza, (Ferdinand Magellan), a
Portuguese working under Spain,
REDISCOVERED the Philippines
 Landed in the uninhabited island of
 Proceeded to Limasawa, met with the
ruler Rajah Kolambu
 Celebrated the first mass (Fr. Pedro de
Valderrama) on March 31, 1521 and planted
the wooden cross atop a hill – Magellan’s cross
in Cebu.
 Met with Rajah Humabon and on April 14,
1521, converted the first ( 800) Christian
 All chieftains welcomed Magellan except Lapulapu of Mactan.
 Magellan died in the hands of Lapu-lapu’s men
on April 27, 1521.
 Several expeditions were sent by Spain –
Cabot, Saavedra, Loaisa, Villalobos and
 Miguel Lopez de Legaspi – (grandfather of
Juan de Salcedo) was the first Spanish
Governor Gen. of the Philippines and the
founder of the city of Manila on June 24, 1571.
American Regime
(1898 – 1941)
 Mock battle between the Spaniards and
the Americans.
 Treaty of Paris – Philippines was sold by
Spain to the Americans at 20 million
Japanese Occupation
( 1942 – 1945)
 World War II
 Death March
 Corregidor – where we had our last fight
with the Japanese, was bombed for 27
days and nights
 Fall Of Bataan
 Liberation – ( 1945-46)
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