2013 CSU Application Workshop

Newbury Park High School Counselors
October 10, 2013
Tina Choi A-C
Chuck Severns D-He
Lesley Drossin Hi-Mc
Jose Ireta Me-R
Rik Napora S-Z
Filing period: October 1 through
November 30
File one application at a time, then return
to CSU Mentor to complete each
subsequent application.
Report SAT or ACT scores directly from
College Board to CSU Mentor by using the
SAT CSU code, 3594 , or use ACT Scores
Twenty-three campuses
Only Cal Poly SLO has an early decision
program (October 31)
No essays, no recommendations, no activities
list (Cal Poly SLO has a brief activities page)
Do not send transcripts until requested to do
so as you will “self-report”
List the schools you apply to on Naviance
under “Schools I am applying to”
D’s or F’s during your senior year may jeopardize
you acceptance to a CSU
Changes in your class schedule will need to be
reported to each school by you (i.e. you are
signed up for Physics CP in for Term 2 and
report that but later you decide to drop it).
This ten digit number can be found on
your Naviance Profile
Use your student ID number to register for
your Naviance account
Instructions can be found here
Check EAP results by going to the EAP site at
You may also fulfill the this requirement through your
SAT or ACT scores:
EPT = 500 on the SAT Reasoning or a 22 on the ACT
Critical Reading
ELM = 550 on the SAT Math, or by scoring a 23 on the
ACT Math
You may also fulfill the requirement by way of the AP
Exams. See website for details.
If you did not fulfill the requirement, click here to sign
up for the EAP Exam(s). https://ept-elm.ets.org/CSU/
Warning: Failure to Meet the EPT/ELM Requirement
Costs Time and Money
You cannot enroll in for-credit CSU college English
and/or Math classes until you meet the requirement.
You must spend time taking remedial English/Math
classes during your freshman year until you meet the
You will possibly graduate later because you get no
degree credit for remedial English/Math classes.
You may have to pay additional charges for the
remedial classes.
If you do not pass the remedial classes by the end of
your first year, you may be withdrawn from
the university.
The Educational Opportunity Program is designed
to improve access and retention of historically
low-income and educationally disadvantaged
students. EOP students have the potential and
demonstrated motivation to perform satisfactorily
at a CSU, but they have not been able to realize
their potential because of their economic or
educational background.
EOP accepts students who do not meet regular
admission criteria, as well as those who qualify for
regular admission.
Once admitted as an EOP student, you may be eligible
to enroll in an EOP summer program to strengthen
your math, reading, or other skills.
During your enrollment in college, you can receive
counseling, tutoring, and advising services. If you are
eligible, an EOP grant may be awarded.
Have your transcript available
Read all directions & use the tutorial
Check with your counselor before submitting
(appointments are made with Mrs. Smilor)
Print a paper copy of campus-specific
instructions AND admission receipts
Keep your user name and password for future
Be sure to have your
professional email address
Disable “pop-up” blocker
Follow all housing deadlines!
Be sure to file the FAFSA as soon as possible
after January 1, 2013.
Obtain your FAFSA PIN before January.
Don’t forget to pick up the NPHS Scholarship
Bulletin each month in the College and Career
Center or on Naviance.
You will find that www.assist.org is an excellent
place to explore majors, transfer opportunities,
articulation among the Community Colleges,
the CSU, and the UC.
Let’s go to the application at
But first, a quick reminder…