You will only be able to submit this request for an application fee

Go to
Create a
Provide your information
You must have an email.
Pay attention to the format in
which they would like your DOB
Create a username
Create a password
Save the information. Do not
lose it.
Password hint is for in case you
forget your password. You must
create your own question.
No International Postal
Code needed
Make sure to follow the
example for entering
your phone #
Once you created an
account, click the “Apply
Online” tab
You will then choose the
Admission Application
Select “Click this
box for fall 2013”
Select your school that
you would like to apply
to, then select “start new
Each campus will have questions
specific to that university.
Graduating high school students
will be a graduate with no college
Or graduating high school students
will be a graduate with college
credit. This includes AP
Never applied, never attended
Match up your
major with the
university you will
be applying to.
Select from the areas of
For example:
Now within the area of
engineering, what type of
engineering would I like to
Now based on my interest in
studying Mechanical
Engineering, these UC/CSU
campuses offer that major.
Based on your major interest,
you should select from the
schools that have your major.
You will also be asked if you
ever would like to be a
Verify everything on this
Select “click here if your
Type in your email again
You are required to include
your Social Security number on
admission application forms to
all CSU campuses
If you do not have a Social Security
number at the time you file the
application, you may leave the item
blank and the campus will assign a
temporary number.
Same page, further down.
Be truthful. If you are not
sure about income, save
application and come back
to it. Make sure to ask
your parents.
If you answer yes, make sure you
have registered with the NCAA
Have your parents
review this page with
Click add a high
Type in Reedley. Click
search for school. Select
Reedley High school, then
Enter the correct dates, then click
add a school.
Enter graduation month and
year. (06/2013)
Enter your test scores
If you tested in October or are testing in
November or December, type in the
testing date.
Universities will see that there will be a
score coming.
Make sure to update your
colleges/universities that you would like
to receive your scores on Collegeboard
and ACT
Have your transcript ready.
Start with your social
sciences (World Cultures,
US History and Govt)
Remember, Economics and
MacroEcon are “G” courses
Select in progress for
courses taken this
semester. (fall)
Select in progress for
courses you will be
taking the following
semester. (spring)
Your courses should like
similar to these
Calculate your GPA based on only
A-G courses, 10th-12th grade.
Add any courses that are relevant
to your major that may help your
get into a university.
If you wish to apply online, please
visit the Apply Online section of
CSUMentor once you submit this
application to apply to EOP.
After applying, you will
then have the opportunity
to apply to the EOP
You will only be able to submit this request
for an application fee waiver ONCE on
CSUMentor. BE CERTAIN that all of your
information below is correct BEFORE you
click on the button. You will NOT be able to
change this information on CSUMentor
after you click on the button at the bottom
of the page.
Further down, you will have to verify
that everything is correct.
After you click the button, you will be
notified as to whether you do or do
not qualify for an application fee
waiver. If you do not qualify for the
fee waiver, you must pay the $55
application fee.
Click submit once you are sure
that you have reviewed all of
your information. You cannot
go back and fix your application
once it is submitted.
Review, Review, Review.
Remember, you have until
November 30 to submit your