The Meiosis Wrap Up - Bakersfield High School

The Meiosis
Wrap Up
• Purpose of Meiosis: to create sex cells
• Sperm and Eggs
• Haploid = half the number of chromosomes of a body cell
• During Prophase 1, crossing-over occurs.
• Crossing-over= the exchange of a portion of a chromatid
from one homologous chromosome to another.
• Why is it important??? It increases genetic diversity!!!
• Independent Assortment= when the chromosomes
randomly distribute into the four new haploid cells.
• This random assortment creates genetic variation.
• Reminders:
• Chromosomes 1-22 are known as autosomes.
• Chromosome 23 is the sex chromosomes.
• A fertilized egg is a zygote!
• Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis.
Bringing it all together!
Bringing it home!!