Meiosis Review Sheet

Meiosis Review Sheet
The test will consist of the following:
25 multiple choice questions
5 analysis of a picture of meiosis
You should be familiar with the following topics:
1. Haploid (n)vs.
Diploid (2n)-
2. Definition of meiosis-
3. Draw a homologous chromosome:
4. Meiosis results in 4 _____________ (haploid or diploid) cells.
5. Mitosis results in 2 _____________ (haploid or diploid) cells.
6. Sperm and eggs are made through the process of ___________________, while
body cells are made through the process of _________________.
7. How many chromosomes are in a human body cell? _________
8. What is crossing over?
9. When does crossing over occur? _______________________ of meiosis
10. Label the following stages:
11. In males, #9 cells become _______________, while in females they become
12. Explain (or draw) the difference between sister chromatids and homologous
13. What is this picture showing? _________________________
14. In which stage(s) in meiosis are the cells haploid?