HW Assignments for Imperialism

Social Studies 8
Tuesday, 12/8
Reasons for Imperialism
Wednesday, 12/9
Alaska & Hawaii
Thursday, 12/10
Spanish American War
Friday, 12/11
Monday, 12/14
Effects of War
Puerto Rico
Tuesday, 12/15
US Responsibilities
Wednesday, 12/16
Thursday, 12/17
US Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
Friday, 12/18
Monday, 12/21
Tuesday, 12/22
Test – Multiple choice
Wednesday, 12/23
Essay on Imperialism
Mrs. Francis
Homework Assignment
#11 Define Imperialism. Why did some Americans
favor imperialism in the late 1800s?
#12 Define Isolationism & Expansionism, How did the
US benefit from: (a) the Treaty of Kanagawa; (b) the
purchase of Alaska
#13 Define Yellow Journalism. Identify the causes of
the war. How did Theodore Roosevelt contribute to
American victory?
#14 Identify the Foraker Act. How did the war affect
the relationship between the United States and Puerto
#15Identify the Roosevelt Corollary. Why did
President Roosevelt think it was important for the
United States to build the Panama Canal? Study for
#16 Define dollar diplomacy and moral diplomacy
#17 Identify William Gorgas, George Goethals, and
John J. Pershing.
#18 How did geographic conditions in Panama make it
difficult to build a canal there?
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Textbook is United States History (Civil War to Present)
We are in Chapter 5 – Imperialism and the Spanish-American War