Syllabus for English

Syllabus for English - Grade 8
First Quarter:
Activities Related to Summer Reading Assignment
Review of the Four Required Short Stories
Four-Paragraph Informational Essay
Classmate Introduction Speech
Vocabulary Lessons 1-4
Grammar: Review of Basic Rules of Capitalization
Punctuation – Emphasis on Apostrophe, Comma, Semi-Colon
Second Quarter:
Grammar: Review of the 8 Basic Parts of Speech
Sentence Structure: Subjects and Predicates
Vocabulary Lessons 5-8
Five-Paragraph Informational Essay
Short Stories
Third Quarter:
Non-Fiction Literature
Vocabulary Lessons 9-12
Grammar: Sentence Structure - Complements
Cooperative Unit with US History: Fever 1793
Fourth Quarter
Vocabulary Lessons 13-16
William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
12 Angry Men
Grammar: Verbal Phrases
Interview-based Speech
Please Note:
The syllabus above is a general guide only, and the division of the material into the four quarters
should be viewed as flexible. For example, the short stories listed under the second quarter
might be moved to the first quarter, or A Midsummer Night's Dream might be started during the
third quarter, etc.
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