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Maya Quiz
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Circle the letter beside the best answer or the most appropriate response.
1. This person was considered the “god-king” and ruled each city-state.
a. Peasant
b. Noble
c. Ajaw
d. Priest
2. Maya athletes played a sacred ball game. This was a game played on a long
open field 5 players against 5 players. What was the name of this game?
a. Quetzal
b. Senet
c. Pok-a-tok
d. Soccer
3. In the Maya social structure, which group gathered taxes and collected
supplies and assembled labor for construction projects?
a. Priests
b. Nobles
c. Peasants
d. Slaves
4. The Mayans developed many advancements. Which of the following
achievements do we still use today? Mark all that apply.
a. Accurate calendar system
b. A form of written language
c. Mathematic system using zero
d. The wheel and other metal tool
5. There were many reasons for the Mayan’s downfall. Which one of the
following peoples were partially responsible.
a. The Spanish
b. The French
c. The English
d. The Native Americans
6. The Mayan diet consisted mainly of this major crop
a. Potatoes
b. Deer
c. Cotton
d. Maize
7. Which group of people from the Mayan social pyramid did the most
undesirable tasks.
a. Nobles
b. Merchants
c. Priests
d. Slaves
8. Which social group had the jobs of farming in the fields and fighting in the
a. Nobles
b. Peasants
c. Lord
d. Slaves
9. Maya practiced human sacrifice as a way to
a. Understand position of the moon and stars
b. To keep the gods happy and ensure rainfall, sunlight, etc.
c. Punish captives and slaves
d. Feed the animals
10. Maya did NOT use the following agricultural technique
a. Terracing
b. Irrigation
c. Slash-and-burn
d. Raised fields
11. The environment in the region where the Maya built their civilization was
a. desert
b. plains
c. mountains
d. rainforest
12. Why were temples built in the center of the city-states? Please mark all that
a. Temples were the most important building and honored the gods.
b. Temples were tall to be seen from a distance and to be closer to the
c. Temples were a great source of water for the community.
d. Temples were burial sites for enemy ajaws.
13. The Mayans inhabited a geographic area knows as the Yucatán Peninsula.
Identify the Mayan lands on the map below.
a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D
14. On the bottom of your answer document answer the following question. The
Mayans had to develop many different ways to farm in the rainforest. Identify
and describe one farming technique the Mayans used. You may draw a picture
but it must be supported with written details. (2 points)
EXTRA CREDIT: (1 point)
On the bottom of your answer document, DRAW the Mayan number for 13.