Unit: Mayan Culture

Unit: Mayan Culture
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Non-Fiction: Social
Structure Meso-American pg
Focus: Readers categorize
information by writing it
down and then analyzing it
into parts
Non -Fiction Government
Tortoise and the Hare
Hero Twins
Focus: Readers use information
from prior texts by asking, “
How does this connect to what I
read before? So now what am I
Writers can write about an
opinion by reacting to
something that is surprising or
contrary to their lives or beliefs
and support it with what they
are learning.
Focus: Readers identify the
genre they are reading and
look for those elements as
they read and collect them in
their journal
Structures of a myth- dissect
a myth. Create a check list
Focus: Readers question the
text and determine it’s
purpose by interacting
(writing) with the text
What did the Mayan culture
What Traditions and rituals
did the Mayans perform and
 Ballgame
 Quetzl plumes
 Jade
Writer write about what they
read by forming an idea,
making a statement and
supporting it with detail
from their reading and prior
knowledge on the subject
Social Studies What was the social
Read Aloud
5th Grade
Week 2:
structure of the Mayan
Page 40 to 45 The Maya
Design a social pyramid and
label it and create a caption
to explain the main ideas
behind it. Core Knowledge
You wouldn’t want to be a
Mayan Soothsayer
Stop and Jot point of view of
the book
Whole class conversation
Form an opinion and support it.
Brainstorming and outlining
Story line
Fill out graphic organizer
Stop and Jot: New detail that
you learned and why they are
important to understanding
the Mayans
Meet the Maya: Scott Foresman Pearson (Reading Street)
What was the religion of the
Mayas? What did they
believe and why?
How did sacrifice play a part
in their believes and in their
social hierarchy?
Whole class conversation
Why does the author think
you wouldn’t want to be
Mayan Soothsayer