Math Intervention Syllabus

Math Intervention Syllabus
Course Description: Math intervention is designed to “fill the holes” from prior year(s) math classes.
This course aims to build math comprehension and fluency. By going back to the basics we will begin
with building and cementing basic math skills that will in turn build each student’s confidence in the
math classroom. Once a week we will also be working on real-world problem solving to help students
make connection with math and every day situations. Once holes are filled the class will then move
into a support role—where students will be retaught and/or supported through standards currently
being taught in their regular math class.
Course Resources:
 Khan Academy—students are more than welcome to work on this from home
 Math Minutes
 Additional Supplemental Resources
This class is graded on effort and improvement. As such, this will be a pass/fail class. As long as
students are in class, participating, and on-task they will be on track to pass the class.
Assessments will be used to guide instruction. Again, the goal of this class is not to burden students
with math, but rather to identify and support the kids. Assessments will be of equal value to
participation. Students who show improvement will pass the test. Students who stay the same will
score 50% and students who show no improvement will be scored accordingly.
This class is not meant to be a burden to kids, nor are they supposed to be overwhelmed. So as not
to pile on the homework in math, this class will not be assigning any homework outside of the math
classroom. All assignments will be done in class.
I look forward to working with your child this semester and helping them be more successful in the
math classroom. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. The best way to
contact me is by e-mail, as I will be coaching 3-4 seasons this year.
Jennie Jansen
[email protected]