Hardy Weinberg Theorem

• Environments can be “stable” or fluctuating, and this affects
evolutionary rate and direction; different variations can be selected in
each generation.
• What evidence do you have from the Grant’s finch study to support this
Evolution: three coordinated legs
Quick review of genetic vocab
• Gene vs allele
• Phenotype vs Genotype
• Dominant/Recessive
• Homozygous vs heterozygous
• What does natural selection act DIRECTLY upon?
• What does natural selection act INDIRECTLY upon?
• Does the environment direct new phenotypic variation?
Father of Genetics
Gene Pool Diversity
• Gene Pool:
• What maintains genetic diversity in a gene pool?
• What would decrease diversity in a gene pool?
Microevolution and population genetics
• Allele frequencies
• Breeding Bunnies anyone?
Battling Beetles Lab
• Follow the instructions for squishing.
• Rock Pocket Mouse Video:
Class Data