TEDEd: Five fingers of evolution

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Five fingers of evolution - Paul Andersen
1. Imagine a gene mutation creates a new color of hair. According to Andersen, what will
this do?
a. cause everyone to look the same
b. change the freqency in the gene pool
c. cause most hair colors to disappear
d. create a new species because of the disruption in the food web
e. nothing will happen
2. Genetic drift is a change in the gene pool due to chance. Genetic drift increases as the
population decreases. What accounts for this relationship?
3. Which of the following causes of microevolution is represented by the middle finger?
a. small population
b. mutation
c. non-random mating
d. gene flow
e. natural selection
4. Compare and contrast microevolution and macroevolution.
5. Which of the following terms represents the movement of individuals into or out of an
a. natural selection
b. non-random dating
c. mutation
d. gene flow
e. adaptation
6. Microevolution is changes in the frequency of genes in a gene pool. According to this
definition what is the smallest biological unit that can evolve?
7. Which of the following is the only cause of microevolution that can lead to adaptations?
a. small population
b. non-random mating
c. mutations
d. gene flow
e. natural selection
8. What is another name for macroevolution?
a. speciation
b. genetic economy
c. globalized evolution
d. Mendel's Law
e. population control
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