Genetics Review

Genetics Review 3U
1. What is a gene? How is a gene related to a chromosome?
2. Privet hedges and humans have the same number of chromosomes in their cells. Explain why they are
not alike.
3. Define the following terms:
a) genotype
e) dominant
b) phenotype
f) recessive
c) homozygous
g) genetics
d) heterozygous
h) karyotype
4. a) What is a chromosomal mutation? Give one example.
b) What is a gene mutation? Give one example.
5. Individual II-5 in the pedigree is what genotype?
6. Textbook Questions
Pg. 179~ 183 #16,21,22, 44, 51, 54, 55, 62,63,64,65, 66(Sex-Linked),68,69
7. How does selective breeding increase the chance of offspring with desirable traits? Give an example
of a plant or animal that has been modified by selective breeding.
8. In the past, biological parents meant the genetic father and mother of a child. Adoptive parents
meant the father and mother who raised the child but who had no genetic relationship to it. With
modern reproductive technology, these distinctions are no longer clear. Give examples of situations
where it may not be clear exactly who the parents of a child are.
9. Describe one benefit of genetic engineering.
10. Are there any drawbacks to genetic engineering?