geometry final review template 2015

Geometry Section(s)________
5-___-15 ___hour Calculator #____
You, along with your classmates, are creating part of your final exam review.
Please use this template to create each of your three multiple choice questions. Number your questions
#1, #2 and #3.
Keep the background white and don’t change the font. Enlarge the font in this area to use up this entire
space. You may use your book, tests, worksheets, notes or other resources for ideas, but the questions
that you write need to be your own creation and must be material from the section(s) assigned. Each of
the three question topics should be different. In others words, the questions must not be three of the
same question with different numbers,
Each question will have 4 multiple choice answer choices (A, B, C, D).
One question per slide.
You should email me all three slides saved as one powerpoint.
My email is [email protected]
When you email me write your name and “powerpoint” in the subject line.
Print the slides “LANDSCAPE” and “4 slides to a page- horizontal”. Write your name on THE BACK OF
THIS PAPER . Turn this in to me.
Also, print each slide on a separate sheet of paper “PORTRAIT” and “2 slides per page”. On the
bottom half empty area of each of these three pages you need to neatly show/explain your solution
correctly. Show all work. Include any formulas. If appropriate, explain why the answers not chosen
were not solutions. Your classmates will refer to these if they need help with solving the problems you
wrote. Make sure you state the correct answer choice. Write your name on THE BACK OF THESE
PAPERS . Turn these in to me.
This assignment is worth 30 assignment points. In order to earn all thirty points all directions must be
To earn extra credit, you may include self created (only necessary to the question) graphics.
If you don’t understand any directions, ask.
Due Date_______________________________