Marketing 101 - Ad outline

Marketing 101
Learning Goal: I will be able to describe marketing
strategies and why companies target teenagers
specifically. I will be able to apply this knowledge
when creating my own ad.
 Step 1: Choose five advertisements and answer the
following questions in full sentences. Your
responses must be well thought out.
- Who is the target audience?
- What is the purpose of the ad?
- What, on the ad, would be very appealing to a
- Three questions that you are left with after
reviewing the ad?
- What were some of the marketing strategies the
company chose to use? (Catch phrases, key words,
color schemes, picture placement, words left out,
font sizes, font types, etc.)
Step 2: Now you are going to create your own ad. You
will not be assessed on your artistic ability
whatsoever, but you will be marked on the content
that exists in your ad. You need to choose a personal
hygiene product (shampoo, deodorant,
cologne/perfume, acne treatment, skin cream, etc.)
and create a visual advertisement for it. Your ad
must contain:
- A creative name for your product
- Words (limited) that convey the essential
components of your product
- A visual
- A price
- Clearly defined purpose of your product
- What separates your product from the
- Various types of font and font size
- Color (if you wish)
- Something that will really capture the viewers