Randy Feliz
Comm 2110
Tamra Phillips
Goal: To Listen more carefully when someone expresses concern.
Rationale: Because there is usually an underlying message that I never seem to get.
That makes it hard to get to agreements and makes it hard for both parties involved
to “get on the same page”. I intended with this to be able to create stronger
relationships with others. Making sure others felt like I was listening to them and
therefore make them want to speak with me more and feel like the conversations
we have are actually going somewhere.
Strategies: I’m going to work at improving my communication skills by being more
self-aware of my actions, using principles of perception to be able to grasp what the
other person is doing to make me try to see things how they see it, and by using
direct perception checking to make sure I ask and try to understand the other
person’s behavior.
Implementation: I will begin to put this changes into practice right away. I will take
time to sit back and put to work these new practices in every day conversations
with people I interact with. My motivation will be to create better types of
relationships with those I care about and hopefully that will help to make them last
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