Review Sheet for Sensation and Perception Test

Review Sheet for Sensation and Perception Test
1. What is sensation?
2. What is perception?
3. Describe an example of bottom-up and top-down processing.
4. Describe the concept of absolute threshold. What are the five determined absolute thresholds?
5. What is subliminal messaging?
6. Describe the concept of difference threshold
7. Describe Weber’s Law in relation to one of our senses.
8. Define and give examples of monocular depth cues?
9. Describe how the Ames room or the Beuchet chair works to deceive our perception of depth.
10. Identify the parts of the eye and their importance in vision (include pupil, lens, and retina).
11. Explain the path of light from electromagnetic spectrum in the environment to our cognitive
comprehension of what we are seeing.
12. Describe the process of hearing.
13. What are the four sensations of touch?
14. What are the similarities between the taste and smell and how do these differ from the
similarities in how sight and sound function?
15. What are our four tastes?
16. What is ESP and what are the four examples listed in the book?
17. Explain what psychophysics studies.
18. What theory explains the phantom phone ring?