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Journal #2
Directions: The purpose of the journal assignment is to help students identify their own implicit
theories of communication. Journals should be typed, a minimum of ½ a page and maximum of two
pages per journal (ie, answer all four questions below in no more than 2 pages). Please note that
there are no right or wrong answers to these questions per se – please provide your honest response.
Reminder: No emailed or electronic copies of your assignments are accepted. Please bring a
printed copy to class.
DUE: Wed 9/6
PROMPT #2: Please answer the following four questions:
1. What happens when you type your name into Did you know what would show
up on page 1? If someone only knows your name what perception may he or she have of you
based on the first page of results?
2. In what ways do you control your online identity? Do you censor what you post online to
control other’s perception of you? Have you noticed any of your friends doing the same?
3. Chapter 1 Review (p.5): In what ways is the context different when you communicate at home
versus at school? With your family versus your friends? At work or at school?
4. Chapter 1 Review (p.9): Given the five basis purposes listed in chapter 1, do you find yourself
communicating for one purpose more than another? For example, do you prefer to
communicate to socialize or influence others? Why or why not?