The Renaissance - WLPCS Middle School

Toward a New Heaven and a
New Earth
 Renaissance means rebirth
 Between 1350 and 1550 Europe saw a rebirth of
classical knowledge
 As Europe recovered from the Black Death,
much of the knowledge that had been lost in
the Middle Ages returned
 Emphasis was placed on individual ability
Niccolo Machiavelli
“The Prince”
 Prince: deals with how
to acquire and keep
political power
 To get power, one must
understand human
nature, which is selfcentered
 Machiavelli is the
father of political
He’s Also Trolling
 Machiavelli believed in
a republic, and wrote
The Prince, to make fun
of the rulers of Italy.
Italian Renaissance
 Humanism: the intellectual movement based on
the study of the classic works of Greece and
 Link to "Humanism and the Renaissance"
 With the development of the printing press,
books became common
 1450: Johannes Gutenberg prints The Bible
 Books were written in the vernacular: Dante’s Divine
Comedy (Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso) and Chaucer’s
Canterbury Tales
 Link to "The Modern Printing Press"
 Humans became the center of attention in art
 Painting and sculpting thrived in the Renaissance
and focused on a human-centered world
Renaissance Art
Renaissance Art
Renaissance Art
Leonardo da Vinci
 In your interactive notebook, at the bottom
of your notes page, write a short paragraph
about today’s lesson. Write about:
 What the main idea of the lesson was
 AND what you learned today.
 Your summary should be able to explain
today’s lesson to someone who was not in
class today.