Review for Moles and Metrics Test

Review for Moles and Metrics
Question 1
 Write out the metric conversion line on your
Follow up
 Which side is has the larger units? Smaller units?
Question 2
 What are the base units for the following:
 Time
 Length
 Mass
Follow up
 Does the metric conversion line work with any base
unit? (Yes or No)
Question 3
 How many centimeters are in a meter?
Follow up
 How many milliliters are in a liter?
Question 4
 Convert 5.6 x 103 nm to m. SHOW WORK!
Follow up
 How many nanosecond are there in a second?
Question 5
 Fill in the correct word or numbers in the blanks
1 mole = ____________
molecules/atoms/particles/formula units
1 mole = ____________ Liters
1 mole = ____________ grams/mole
Follow up
 Where can you find the first two answers in the
previous question?
Question 6
 Convert 34.5 L of F2 gas at STP to moles? SHOW
Follow up
 Does STP affect the problem at all?
Follow up #2
 Does the molecule (F2) mentioned in the problem
affect the answer?
Question 7
 How many moles are in 8.6 x 1023 atoms of Ca?
Follow up
 Does the atom (Ca) make a difference in how you
answer this question?
Question 8
 Convert 2.4 moles of CO to grams?
Follow up
 Does the molecule (CO) mean anything in this
Question 9
 What is the formulas for density?
Follow up
 If the molar volume is always 22.4 L, calculate the
molar density of CO2? (Think: how do you get molar
Question 10
 I want to measure 10 mL of water, what lab
equipment should I use to measure this amount out?
Follow up
 Why would I not want to use a beaker?
Question 11
 What is the difference between accurate and precise?
Follow up
 Describe the measured amounts as accurate, precise,
both, or neither.
Accepted Amount: 4.5 g
Measured Amounts: 6.7 g, 6.6 g, 6.7 g
Question 12
 How many liters are in 5.4 x 1023 molecules of H2
gas? (TWO STEPS!)
Follow up
 What word was missing in the question that should
let you know that it needs to be two steps?
Question 13
 What is the difference between qualitative and
Follow up
 When should you use qualitative? Quantitative?