Midterm Review

Quick Midterm Review by Unit
Unit 1- Matter, Measurement and Energy
a) How much energy is required to raise the temperature of 10.0 g of water
from 25.0 C to 35C?
b) Is this an endo or exothermic process?
c) Chemical or physical?
Unit 2- The Atom
a) What is an alpha particle and what did it tell us about the structure of an
b) What are isotopes? How do you determine number of p+, no, e-?
c) Calculate the average atomic mass:
 53%: Si-28
 28%: Si-29
 19%: Si-30
Unit 3- The Electron
a) What is a quanta?
b) What is a photon?
c) What is the difference between an orbit and an orbital?
d) What is the word for “frequencies of light emitted by an element that
separate into discrete lines”?
e) Explain why we see different colors of light during a flame test using both
words and a picture.
f) What is the electron configuration for phosphorus? How many unpaired
electrons does it have? Write a possible excited state configuration.
Unit 4- The Periodic Table
a) Explain why fluorine has a smaller atomic radius than both oxygen and
b) A compound produces a colored solution when dissolved in water. What
kind of element does it most likely contain?
c) What is ionization energy? What happens to it as you go left  right? Top
to bottom?
Unit 5- Naming and Formula Writing
a)Name the following:
 CS2
 Fe2(SO3)3
 Zn(C2H3O2)2 2H2O
 CuSO4 5 H2O
b)Write the formulas for the following:
 Magnesium hydroxide
 Potassium permanganate
 Lead (IV) chromate
 Tetraphosphorus hexoxide
Unit 6- Math and The Mole
a) Find the mass of 1.0 mole of Ca(OH)2
b) Find the mass of 3.5 moles of Ca(OH)2
c) Determine the number of particles in 3.5 moles of Ca(OH)2