Age of Absolutism

Characteristics of an Absolute Monarch
 Absolute=
All powerful
 Monarchy=
King or queen
Absolute Monarchy
King/queen with complete control in
their county
 God
created the
 Monarchs
were God’s
representatives on
 Ruler
holds unlimited
power- no check from
legislature or judiciary
 Individuals owe their
loyalty to the crownmust listen & respect ruler
 Uses the military to gain
more power
Louis XIV of France
 Ruler
encourages industry and
 Controls taxes
Philip II of Spain
 Ruler
dominates the upper classes
 Likes to show off their power
Maria Theresa of Austria
 Ruler
reigns under the belief of divine right
 Dominates or controls country’s religion
Frederick the Great of Prussia
 Ruler
controls cultural
life in country either by
being a patron of the
arts or through
Ivan the Terrible of Russia