antigone opening activity

Antigone Introduction
Opening Activity
The purpose of this exercise is to honestly answer each of these questions
yourself. Use these responses:
SA-Strongly Agree
1. ___ Loyalty to family is more important than loyalty to country.
2. ___ It is a sign of weakness for people to acknowledge their errors.
3. ___ Age equals wisdom.
4. ___ Men do not feel any more threatened by a challenge or opposition from a
woman than from a man.
5. ___ Civil disobedience is an effective method of reform.
6. ___ A good ruler must do what he thinks is right even if it means standing up
to opposition from the people.
7. ___ Religious devotion is admirable but is secondary to established law.
8. ___ A ruler has the right to commit an unjust act if it means maintaining the
authority of the state.
9. ___ People will perceive a ruler as weak if he/she changes his/her course of
10. ___ There should be no limit as to how far an individual should go to defend
his/her course of action if it is right.
11. ___ Laws must be enforced for the safety of the State. When laws are
broken, anarchy follows.
12. ___ The sins of preceding family members affect the following generations.
13. ___ People of today have no faith in oracles (an agent which delivers a divine
communication or future event).
14. ___ It is possible for a family to be cursed.