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Study Guide – Chp 4
1) Please give an example of each of the following: ____/6pts
3) Complete the Punnett Square. Show ALL four steps.
Tongue rolling: The ability to roll the tongue in a U-shape
is controlled by a dominant allele (R). Non-rolling is recessive
(r). Complete a cross between a RR parent with a rr parent.
What is the probability of having offspring with the nonrolling trait? ______/4pts
Incomplete dominance ___________________________
Multiple Alleles
Environmental factors ___________________________
2) Complete the Punnett Square. Show ALL four steps.
Interlocking fingers: When the fingers are interlocked,
some people with almost invariably place the left thumb on top
of the right thumb (dominant allele F). Other will place the
right over the left (recessive allele f). Complete a cross with a
heterozygous female and a recessive male. List all possible
phenotypes and genotypes. ______/4pts
4) For each genotype below, indicate whether it is a
heterozygous (He) or homozygous (Ho). _____/3pts
TT _______
ee _______
Bb _______
EE _______
DD _______
Tt _______
5) Determine the phenotypes. _____/3pts
Yellow body color is dominant to blue
YY _____________ Yy ______________ yy___________
Square shape is dominant to round
SS ______________ Ss______________ ss____________
Total pts __________ / 20