Microbiology study guide

Chapter 20 Prokaryotes and Viruses (Microbiology) Study guide
1. What natural host do we use to mass-produce vaccines?
2. Why don’t we have a vaccine for the common cold?
3. What killed 1/3 of the population in Europe?
4. What farm animals help cause the mutations in the flu virus?
5. What does CDC stand for? Where is it?
6. What was the Salk vaccine used for?
7. What did scientists do with mosquitoes they caught in the rain forest and why?
8. What causes AIDS?
9. What microorganism that makes you sick can you get from undercooked hamburger?
10. What percent of bacteria is pathogenic? What is “pathogenic”?
11. What did Sadam Hussein have that we were so concerned about?
12. This type of bacteria causes one of the most dangerous toxins on the earth:
13. What is the specific name for how bacteria reproduce?
14. How often do bacteria reproduce?
15. What virus is carried by field mice?
16. Rod-shape bacteria are called:
17. Spherical bacteria are called :
18. Spiral bacteria are called:
19. What medical treatment is used to prevent bacterial and viral infections?
20. What medical treatment is taken to kill a bacterial infection?
21. The outside of a virus is called:
22. What is a worldwide epidemic called?
23. What disease is associated with the iron lung?
24. Where do you find bacteria?
25. How many cold viruses do people usually come in contact with in their lifetime?
26. Who discovered the first vaccine?
27. What was the first vaccine made for?
28. What piece of equipment is necessary to view a virus?
29. What caused the pandemic in 1918 that killed 20 million people?
30. What was the name of the first antibiotic? Who discovered it?
31. Where did the first antibiotic come from?
32. What did bacteria remove from the Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, SD?
33. Describe the lytic cycle of a virus:
34. Know the structure of a typical bacterium (picture in 20.2)
35. What did you learn from the bacteria lab?