homework term 3 week 2 2015

Stage 2 Homework Week 2 – Term 3
15-20 minutes every night
write the name of your book and pages read
have your diary signed by a parent on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Multiplication Tables
 Complete the sheet based on your chosen tables.
Optional: Make yourself a set of flashcards, to help you learn your tables.
Don’t forget to throw out the ones you know! 
Optional: Play the Snap, Plus or Minus Two game.
Throughout Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 3, you will present your speech to the class.
Palm cards are permitted.
The winners from each class will present their speech to the school on Friday of Week 4 (7th August)
at an early afternoon assembly.
The presentation will be assessed on expression, articulation, voice projection and ability to engage
the audience.
Remember practice will not only improve your presentation, it will also give you more confidence.
The topics for this year are:
• We are one but we are many
• Japan – what a difference
• Life as a convict
The length of the prepared speech is 2 minutes.
A microphone on a stand will be available for use, should you make the final.
 Alphabetical Order
Write your words in alphabetical order.
Define three of your words.
Be sure to take pride in all written work submitted. 
All written work should be completed in “running” writing.
Put the date and give a heading with all work.
All homework is due on FRIDAY.
Please hand up your homework book each day and have your diary open on your desk each