“Romeo and Juliet” Diary

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Diary
You will write a diary of events as either Hermia, Helena, Bottom, Titania or Oberon.
This diary will include at least 5 paragraph-length entries (if not more) that discuss the most
important events of the play, and will give the reader a clear window into the mind of your
chosen character. Marks will be given for presentation as well as content.
- entries written as the chosen character (“I” feel this, “I” did that…)
- minimum 5 entries (I per act), more will be received favourably
- project is presented in diary style (not as a formal essay)
- creative use of language (does not have to be Shakespearean, but must be thoughtful and
demonstrate a wide and descriptive vocabulary.
I recommend referring to your scene summaries for ideas on what to include. Look at the play
from your character’s perspective – how did he or she feel?
Final Project Criteria
Marked on a 1-5 scale (1 being unsatisfactory, 5
being excellent)
Clear focus with accurate and well supported
Creativity and imagination have been used.
Makes use of figurative language (imagery, metaphor,
simile, allusion, etc…)
The work is professional looking, neat, well-finished
and complete.
Clearly demonstrates an understanding of the play’s
themes and messages.
Evidence of editing and careful work.
Overall Impression
Total Marks