5.2 EbD PowerPoint Budget Design

Lesson 5.2 EbD Budget Design
Essential Question:
What are the projected costs of the project to
complete and what will need to be purchased?
Lesson 5.2 Budget Design
Class Basics
Line of Learning
NGSS and Common Core Standards
2. Video- The Secret of Trees
3. Applying STEM standards to ServiceLearning Projects
4. Brainstorming: Application of Skills sets
5. Reflection
Prepare your notebook
• Table of contents
NGSS HS. Engineering Design HS-ETS1-1. HS-ETS1-2, HS-ETS1-3 ETS1.b:
The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices:
MP.2 Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
MP.4 Model with mathematics.
Standards Statement
Students will be able to analyze the solution that they have
determined for their service-learning project and determine
specific tasks and estimate the cost of the materials needed
to complete those task.
Engaging Prior Knowledge
Why is it important for a
service-learning project to
have a budget?
 Discuss with your group
and add brainstorming
ideas in your notebook.
What is Needed?
Why a Budget?
 Helps you know how much money you
 Think in detail
 Prioritize activities and compare costs
 Help determine needs for financial
 Help secure money for the project
Application of Flow Chart and SWOT to Specifications
 Use the information
from your flow
chart to determine
a budget.
 What are the
that we have
Budget Document
 Discuss the
parts of the
budget form.
 The budget
form is
 Helps keep
track of
Budget Document
 Discuss the parts of the budget form.
Determine Budget
Use the Internet and other resources to be able to determine prices for
project items.
Remember to think about the cost of shipping and handling in your budget
Share out
What are some questions you
can ask your team mates
about the budget that might
help with your planning?
Have you..
 created a projected budget for the project that
reflected the tasks and the project’s specifications
and requirements?
 Did this activity help you determine more
information specifically the cost of the project that
will be used to further guide planning?
 Used mathematical practices to determine a welldefined budget for the project and further
evaluate the needs of the community and
prioritize spending?
Lesson Artifacts
Notebook Check
5.2 Budget Sheet
Entry in notebook Project Budget
Exit Slip
• Answer the
Questions on the
• If you have further
questions write
them on the back
Lesson 5.2 EbD Budget Design