AP Human Geography- Topic 5 Vocab

AP Human Geography
Agricultural and Rural Land Use
Vocab List
Instructions to the student: Students, you are to complete the included terms in this
fashion in order to receive full credit:
a) Define each term
b) Apply each term or give an example from your text relevant to the term
c) State the page where the definition and the example were found
d) Draw a diagram if necessary to facilitate your understanding of the material
e) Submit work on specified date
f) ** A general consideration** the more work you put into these the better off
you will be. These are designed to be your everyday study material
1. Agribusiness
2. Agricultural Production in the US
3. Agriculture
4. Aquaculture
5. Biomass
6. Biotechnology
7. Capital Intensive v. Labor Intensive Agriculture
8. Commercial Agriculture
9. Commercial Grain Farming
10. Commercial Livestock Production
11. Crop Rotation
12. Deforestation
13. Desertification
14. Economic Systems
15. Environmental Implications of Agriculture
16. Extensive Subsistence Agriculture
17. Extensive v. Intensive Agriculture
18. Feedlots/CAFOs
19. Fertile Crescent
20. Fishing
21. Food Production v. Agriculture
22. Forestry
23. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
24. Geothermal power
25. Globalization of Agriculture
26. Hunting and Gathering
27. Hydroelectric power
28. Industrial Revolution’s Effect on Agriculture
29. Intensive Subsistence Agriculture
30. Land Survey Patterns
31. Local Food Production
32. Luxury Crops
33. Maladaptive Diffusion
34. Metallic and Non Metallic Minerals
35. Mineral Fuels
36. Mining and Quarrying
37. Mixed and Specialty Crop Farming
38. Negative Impacts of the Green Revolution
39. Nuclear Energy
40. Organic Agriculture
41. Origins of Agriculture
42. Petroleum
43. Primary Economic Activities
44. Primary Economic Activities Besides Agriculture
45. Resource Terminology
a. Natural resources
b. Renewable resources
c. Nonrenewable resources
46. Rural settlement types
47. Rural settlements
48. The Boserup Hypothesis
49. The Green Revolution
50. Transhumance
51. Transportation and Agriculture
52. Tropical Plantations
53. Urban Sprawl and Agriculture
54. Wind Farms
55. Von Thunen Model
56. Von Thunen Results
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