Art 1 Exam Review Red, Orange and Yellow are what kind of colors

Art 1 Exam Review
Red, Orange and Yellow are what kind of colors?
This artist created colorful grids of people.
This art element can be straight, curved, zig zagged, or diagonal?
This Art Element has width, height and depth
Pattern is best defined by:
A scale that is used to represents light and dark Values
We used shapes/lines and neutral color to create the illusion of movement in what assignment.
What is a medium/media? Give examples:
To set up a good composition you use the:
Black, grey and white is an example of what kind of color scheme?
Adding white to a color, you get a
This Art Element refers to the characteristics of an object's surface
When we did our Still Life tonal drawing – objects were to be what? (various answers)
Vanishing Point is where
Are you able to do a 9 scale value chart
What type of texture did we use for our self-portraits?
Triangle, circle, square and rectangle are examples of what kind of shapes?
This Art Element uses light and dark values?
Violet, Green, and Blue
What do you call the space in the front of a composition?
A Self Portrait is:
What is an example of a Split-Complementary pair?
Give or draw examples of Organic shapes
Give or draw examples of Geometric shapes
Adding black to a color, you get a
Actual textures
Negative Space
Positive Space
A point where all perspective lines converge is called what?
What do you call a color that is mixed with two primary colors?
Draw example of 1-point perspective
Line is the Element of Art that artists use to create? (various answers)
Horizon Line
Colors located across from each other on the color wheel are
What do you call the space in the back of a composition?
Draw example of 2 Point Perspective
Lines that go to the vanishing point are called
The color wheel is based on what colors?
Simulated/Visual texture
Below draw out the color wheel and label it appropriately.