Lesson 2 Student Info Sheet

Lesson 2- PowerPoint How-To 101-202
Student Information Sheet
You will continue to create additional slides to your personal PowerPoint Show
while using another show as your guide. You will learn and use more slide
effects in this lesson.
Open your saved PowerPoint from Lesson 1. Also open the PowerPoint-How to101-202 and start to view the show. Click on the “Lesson 2” button.
Slides 8 & 9- Each student will create a slide titled “Colors & Shapes” using
Auto Shapes and change the colors on each shape that you make. You may use
the same shape or change the shapes on your slide. Then go to the Paint Button
symbol and choose a color to fill each object. Change colors for each shape.
Now you will add Animation to your Colors & Shapes slides. Continue with the
PowerPoint 101-202 and follow directions to create a Slide Animation. Make
Slide Transitions and then Re-Save your own show.