Civil Rights Unit-Outline

Unit 4 - The Civil Rights Movement – Unit Outline
Essential Questions:
1. How did segregation become a part of American culture?
2. What were some of the landmark pieces of civil rights legislation and Supreme Court decisions
of the civil rights era and how did they impact Whites and Blacks.
3. How did the election and re-election of President Obama reflect the achievements of the civil
rights movement?
4. How did MLK and Malcolm X reflect alternate approaches to the achievement of civil rights for
African Americans?
5. How did the media and the Cold War impact the civil rights movement?
6. How did African and other world independence movements influence the US civil rights
Plessy v. Ferguson
Malcolm X
Jim Crow
Martin Luther King
Nation of Islam
Truman’s Decision to
Desegregate Military
March on Washington
Black Panthers
I Have a Dream Speech
Thurgood Marshall
Birmingham March
Little Rock 9
Greensboro Sit-Ins
Black Power
Brown v. Board of Education
Civil Obedience
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Rosa Parks
Freedom Riders
Freedom Summer