Physical Science Syllabus

Mr. Nixon 2014-2015
Physical Science Syllabus
Text: Glencoe/McGraw Hill: Physical Science with Earth Science (2006)
Description: Physical Science is defined as any of the natural sciences that study the
nature and properties of energy and non-living matter. Physical Science with Earth
Science provides students with accurate and comprehensive content coverage of Physical
Science, integrated with Earth Science. This highly engaging course brings together
concepts contained in Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Astronomy, and Mathematics.
Students will apply the laws of Physics, such as Newton’s Laws, and the study of matter
and energy that govern everyday life.
Materials Required: 1” 3-ring binder, 4 page dividers, pens and/or pencils, notebook or
loose leaf paper, 1 composition notebook, pack of 3x5 index cards.
Resources: Your text has a website that you can visit at We will
also work with several other book based and web based resources throughout the year.
Class Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures:
Basic Class Rules:
Be Prepared
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Be Safe
These rules, along with expectations and procedures will be covered in more detail in the
handout; Science: Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures.
Evaluation: Your score in this class will be calculated in the following manner: Tests and
quizzes will be worth 30% of your grade, quarter finals will be worth 20%,
homework/class work will constitute 20% of your grade, laboratory exercises/activities
will be worth 20%, and participation will account for the remaining 10% of your class
grade. We will abide by the school’s standard grading scale, which is as follows:
59 & Below
Mr. Nixon 2014-2015
Course Schedule: The following table lists the series of topics that we will cover on the
foundations of the Physical Sciences. We may combine some chapters and omit others as
needed throughout the year.
Unit and Topic:
Unit 1: Science and Technology
Relevant Chapters:
Unit 2: Motion, Forces, and Energy
Unit 3: Energy and Motion
Unit 4: Forms of Energy
Unit 5: Matter and Interactions of Matter
Assignments, Tests, and Grading:
You can expect to complete several small assignments for each chapter, such as
worksheets, study questions, web activities, etc.
You should expect quizzes, although they will not always be given.
Random note checks should be expected at least once per chapter to ensure that you
are keeping up.
You must maintain a binder that will be graded at the end of each unit.
You must maintain a composition book for vocabulary that will be graded for each
 There will also be a comprehensive exam over every chapter that we cover in class.
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