 Welcome to 5 Grade Math!

Welcome to 5th Grade Math!
Mrs. Nikirk, Room 106, lnikirk@livingston.org
Classroom Expectations
You will be evaluated in math class using the rubric for class participation and organization. I
expect you to come prepared each day with your binder, sharpened pencils, and any homework
assignments. Keeping your binder organized will be very important this year and I am here to
help you! You should bring it home every night, including weekends. Review your notes, look at
completed worksheets and share your work with your parents. Your binder will have 3 sections:
one for notes, one section with our current unit packet, and one section with a Calendar Math
packet. You will also keep a Calendar Math notebook in the front pocket of your binder. This
little notebook contains lots of very important information. Review it often!
Successful math students practice skills taught in class until they are nearly automatic. For this
reason, there is math homework every night with few exceptions. If you finish your homework
quickly, review vocabulary, check out my website, review multiples of 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 or
create your own practice problems.
There is a quiz and a test in each unit. There is also a Calendar Math mini-quiz given about every
6 weeks. All tests and quizzes are sent home for a parent’s signature and must be returned to
school the next day. Homework is checked 30 times during the marking period. Participation is
graded using the rubric and your contributions to class discussion as well as your questions are
always welcome!
Your grades are calculated each marking period as follows:
Homework, Participation, and Notebook Check
Study guides are distributed one week prior to any test or quiz. They are also posted on my
website. Please let me know right away if you are having any difficulties with the topics we are
studying. Don’t wait until the last minute.
I look forward to a great year in math!