Coordinating Committee March 2009

Military Saves Week 2009
After Action Report
• Welcome
• Introductions
• Initial post-Week Results (staff and
around the room)
• Next steps in reporting and
evaluation (Steve)
• Re-branding – presentation
• Deployment Savings resource
• Youth
America Saves
• visits:
– Dec: 31,705
– Jan: 40,414
– Feb: 57,595
• visits:
– Dec: 6,017
– Jan: 9,728
– Feb: 25,088
• Press Hits: Over 100, including some
great local press. Covered by Humberto
Cruz, Bloomberg, Jean Chatzky, Chicago
Trib, Newsday, US News & World Report
America Saves
• Groups:
– National/regional/statewide: 130+
– Local groups that filled out participation
survey: 400+
• Savers enrolled
– 23K since beginning of the year
– Up to 161K from 138K
Top 10 Referring Websites
Top 10 Viewed Pages
1. Military Saves
2. Enroll Now
3. Resources
4. About Us
5. Why Join
6. Individual Resources
7. Success Stories
8. Organizational Resources
9. Media
10.Graphics Package
Top 10 Countries
1. Spain
2. Japan
3. Germany
4. UK
5. Iraq
6. Italy
7. S. Korea
8. Turkey
9. Kuwait
Top 10 Unusual Countries
1. Nigeria
2. Russia
3. Cuba
4. China
5. Lebanon
6. India
7. Ukraine
8. Iran
9. S.Africa
10. Vietnam
Most Unusual Endorsement
Numbers of visits to
As of March 11, 2009
Military Saves Week 2008/2009
Military Savers
1/1/2008 –
2/24/2008 3/1/2008
1/1/2009 –
2/22/2009 3/1/2009
Air Force
Total in Database
ABA Military Saves Activity
• The ABA Education Foundation, the
financial education subsidiary of ABA,
promoted America Saves and Military
Saves to 8,000+ bankers through three
editions of its e-newsletter, The Spirit of
• In addition, bankers will be asked to
report their activities to America
Saves/Military Saves in the March
edition of The Spirit of Banking.
• Had email dialogue with VCSAF
regarding Mil Saves
– He asked A1 to get involved and learned A1
is involved, hosting campaigns across the
• Confirmed Mil Saves has booth at
ASMC PDI in San Antonio
– Working to get volunteers to man the
– Captured time slot to brief Presidents
• Booz Allen hosting Jun event
InCharge Education Foundation
Military Money
• Distributed Military Saves information
in the Military Money Insider January
and February e-newsletter (13,000
• Distributed Military Saves info in the e-newsletter
(2500 subscribers)
• Inserted the Military Saves poll on
the website
• Attended the Military Saves kickoff
event held at the Pentagon
The National Military Family Association
highlighted Military Saves in our
feature article of The Voice and
participated in the Financial
Challenge Event at the Pentagon.
Office of Personal Finance
OUSD (Military Community and Family Policy)
12 March 09
Military Saves Campaign 2009
• Letter from Dr. Chu Jan 2009
• Financial Council Meeting with Service
Personal Financial Managers (PFM)
• Coordination meetings/ DoD Partners
• Service Communication Plan
• Coordination with OSD public affairs
Military Saves Campaign 2009
• Military Saves Financial Fair at the
• DOD Financial Partners participated
• Exhibited financial materials and
provided information on various
financial areas.
• All exhibitors were well received by
troops and civilians.
• Observed senior Service members
were interested in TSP, learning
about investing and saving money.
Military Saves Campaign 2009
• Military Saves Roadshow Events:
Naval Base San Diego
MCRD San Diego
Murphy Canyon Chapel San Diego
Camp Pendleton (x2 + Military Youth)
MCAS Miramar
MCAS Beaufort
Parris Island
NAB Little Creek
Los Angeles AFB
Military Saves Campaign 2009
Focus on Military Saves throughout the
1st Qtr: “Save and Invest”
2nd Qtr: “Military Youth”
3rd Qtr: “Debt Reduction”
4th Qtr: “Retirement”
Office of Personal Finance
Points of Contacts
CDR Dave Julian, Director
[email protected], 703-908-6236
Dr. Randy Eltringham, Program Manager
[email protected], 703-908-6374
Mr. Frank Emery, Program Manager
[email protected], 703-908-6373
Ms. Brenda McDaniel, Program Manager
[email protected], 703-908-6372
Mary Bell, Curriculum Development, 703-908-6371
[email protected]
1560 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22202
Air Force
- 5,589 Airmen and Family members took the
“Saver’s Pledge”*
- MAJCOM AARs still coming in…
- AFSPC (8 bases) reports 72 events and over 1183
event attendees
- 20 Military Youth Saves events for all ages
- 3 long-term Combat Debt program at FE Warren
- 3 DoD Financial Roadshow events
- LA Air Force Base
- Davis-Montham
- Little Rock
* As of 9 Mar 09
Military Saves – Navy Effort
Command-administered initiative
Significant financial partner
Aggressive media campaign
Broad support by Navy leadership
Military Millionaires in the making
One of hundreds of events during Military Saves
Week, Larry Winget talks to Sailors aboard USS
Military Saves pledges increased
54% from 2008
Senior Leadership Support
Aggressive Marketing Campaign
Prominent Guest Speakers
Financial Partner Involvement
DoD and FINRA Road Shows
Military Saves pledges decreased by
9% from 2008
NGB Family Programs
• Military Saves Campaign Information regularly
distributed to 54 SFPDs/92WFPCs
• Financial WEBINAR Classes for Guard Family
Training Modules
• website financial information
under announcement banners
• Field briefed on NGB FP’s Military Saves
initiatives through 2009
Air Force Aid Society
• Promoted Air Force Saves Week on Website and
in Newsletter
• Funded Sammy Rabbit visits to four AF bases:
• Davis-Monthan
• Holloman
• Hill
• Wright-Patterson
'Sammy Rabbit' targets younger audience during Military Saves Week
by Mr. Jeff Halstead
355th Force Support Squadron
3/2/2009 - DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- Mr. Sam
Renick, a children's author, brought "Sammy Rabbit," a children's character
he co-created, to visit Borman Elementary School and the D-M Child
Development Center here Feb. 25, to teach young children about developing
good money-saving habits during the Defense Department's Military Saves
"There are 30 lessons we seek to teach the children during the presentation,
well beyond the simple lesson of savings," Mr. Renick said.
Mr. Renick read to the kids about Sammy Rabbit, and then they engaged in
interactive learning activities.
"Even the adults learned something from each session," says Tracy Canter,
Readiness Consultant at the Airman and Family Readiness Center. "We were
fortunate to have this event available to our military community."
The Sammy Rabbit presentations were only a small part of the many events
held at D-M during MSW. The Airman and Family Readiness Center here also
provided free oil changes after completion of a budget, held a Piggy Bank
Pageant and Financial Tug of War at the Youth Center, conducted a special
class called "Locomotive Finances," and concluded the week with "Financially
Fit to Fight," an all day colloquium of 16 classes and guest speakers
concerning personal finance.
Mr. Renick's and Sammy Rabbit's visit to D-M was funded by the Air Force
Aid Society.
Navy Marine Corps Relief Society
Military Saves 2009 1st Quarter
At 54 Offices World-Wide NMCRS
Partnered with :
• Area Coordinators
• Navy Fleet and Family Service
• Marine Corps Community Services
• Local banks
• Road Shows
North & South East- 5 Navy
Slogan; Feed the Pig
Week Long Program all over the base
Recipes, coupon saving
Prepared spending plans
Table at Fair
Norfolk Area 4 Navy Offices
Daylong activities
Signed people up to have spending
plans prepared.
• Encourage saving
• Gathered pledge signers
East: 5 Marine Corps Offices
• recipes that volunteers prepared for
a potluck dinner to feed 4 people
under $7.50 or under $10.
• Piggy Banks “Feed the Pig”
• Gave away Store coupons
• Offer to help develop spending plans
• Activities w/ MCCS
Southwest: 3 Navy 4 Marine
• Replaced all reading materials in
office w/ financial planning info
• Clients loved them
• Encouraged signing pledge
• Planning for Deployment
• Developing Spending plan
• Military Millionaire workshop
Northwest & Hawaii: Navy
Bulletin Boards
Area events
Signed people up
Tables and displays
Encourage Spending plans
Overseas: Europe & Far East
• Okinawa: Road show; table
• Yokosuko: 5 Mile Run: Director
dressed as MoneyMan.
• Rota: Table w/ Coupon handouts
• Tables at all events
Excellent participation most places.
High Command leadership is the key!!
Bangor Washington
• Armed Forces Bank and Armed
Forces Bank of CA supported
– Bank-wide initiatives
– Participation in local command-driven
• Participation ranged from donation of
savings bonds and/or refreshments
to providing financial education
AMBA Bank-wide initiatives
• Printed 100K+ pledge cards for customer
• Pledge card attachment with Feb e-statements
• 25K pledge cars and distributed to all 59 AFB and
AFBCA branches
• Promoted week on both websites for 30 days
• Waived min balance requirement on regular
savings accounts opened during week for 12
mos: 221 opened
• Offered savings opportunity for workout loan
borrowers. Bank lends borrower an add’l $250
which is placed in a CD at current 12 mo market
rate. Once load repaid, borrower has $250 CD
plus interest: 325 CDs so far this year
Super Saving
Watch Online
Download Audio
Download PDF
Order free DVD
Foundations in
Personal Finance
• Watch Online
• Download Audio
Super Saving Lesson PDF
Who Received Super Saving DVD
Army - 9 Installations
Navy - 8 Installations
Air Force - 13 Installations
Marine Corps - 1 Installation
54 Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Chapters
also received the Super Saving lesson.
How They Used the DVD
• Financial Fairs
• Family Days with a
focus on Finances
• Travis AFB used the video as a
follow-up to Military Saves by
offering Financial Peace University
Foundations in Personal Finance
Savings Lesson • Youth Curriculum
Steve Holt
0845-1100, Wed 25 Mar, ICI, 1401 H
Deployment Savings Opportunities
Using deployment financial
opportunities to boost savings
Deployment and savings
• Making a budget
is like deciding
how to divide up
the pie.
• Deployment
opportunities to
make the pie
• Having more pie
doesn’t mean
you have to eat
more pie.
Deployment and financial benefits
Deployment offers
allowances, tax
breaks, incentives
and special pay.
The Department of
Defense currently has
70 types of special
pays and allowances,
depending on your
deployment and duty
status, branch of
service, and duty
station on the books
Find detailed
information through
your service financial
office or online
through myPay
What to save during deployment
• Combat zone tax exclusion
• Pay yourself instead of the
– As an E-6 with 6 years, you earn
approximately $35,410 per year.
– The taxes generally add up to $8,800.00
– Set aside $8,000 in a retirement account
with 2% interest for 10 years
– Saving earns you $1,769.60
What to save during deployment
– Make extra payments on credit cards,
student loans, car loans or
• A credit card with a $15,000 balance will
never be paid off with the minimum
• With a payment of $500/month, it will take
nearly 3 years and over $2,000 in interest
to pay off.
• A lump sum payment of $8,000 towards
this debt saves more than $1,500 in
interest payments.
What to save during deployment
Per diem while TDY
The difference that $5$10/day can make…
Minimize spending,
maximize income and
Over a week: $35-$70
Over a month: $140-$240
Over a year: $1820-$3640
Small saving can be the
difference between 1
cup of designer coffee
per day and an HDTV
Paid in cash
No debt and no interest
What to save during deployment
• Family Separation
– FSA is payable at
$250.00 per month
and accrues from
the day of departure
from the home
station and ends the
day prior to arrival
at the home station,
in addition to any
per diem or other
• Use this cash for
taxes, retirement,
credit card and loan
payments, college
savings, home
repairs, etc.
Also consider using it
for something that
the whole family will
enjoy for years.
Paying cash always
saves you money
over using credit!
What to save during deployment
• Maybe you are
considering a
family vacation
after your
ends…and nothing
says family like
Mickey Mouse!
• 4 passes for 4 days
in Disney World
cost $1076.
• If you pay in cash
with your Family
Allowance Savings,
you pay $1076.
If you put this on a
credit card and only
pay the minimum,
you will pay more
than $2,600 over 14
What to save during deployment
Live alone?
Going to be gone for
3 months? 6 months?
a year?
Consider renting out
your house or
apartment for extra
Subletting allows you
to cover your housing
costs while you still
collect BAH.
• Do you rent?
– This is a great way
to set aside money
for a down payment
for your first home.
• Do you own?
– This is a great way
to put money aside
for home
Ways to save during deployment
• Create a rainy
day fund
– Cash has its
advantages that
credit and longterm accounts
don’t offer
– Short term
savings can
really save you
from the
Ways to save during deployment
• See you local credit
union or military
bank to learn more
– Basic Savings
– Certificates of
– College Savings
– IRAs and other
retirement accounts
– Investment options
Ways to save during deployment
• Get sound advice.
Online, check out for
Money & Mobility,
information specifically
for military personnel
and their families
See a Personal Financial
Manager at you
Installation or arrange a
consultation with a
Certified Financial
Planner through Military
Ways to save during Deployment
• Saving Deposit
Program (SDP)
– For military
deployed in
combat zones,
hazardous duty
areas, or certain
– Annual interest
rate of 10%
E-6 salary after 6
Save 10%=$3,451
After 12 months in SDP
savings = $3,809
Reward for saving =
Save the maximum =
After 12 months in SDP,
savings = $11,038
Reward for saving =
Ways to save during deployment
• TSP is a Federal
retirement savings
and investment
• For more detailed
information, visit
Join a community of savers
Military Saves on Facebook
• Reaches a large military audience in
their homes
• Utilizes the existing network of
military personnel on Facebook to
spread a message of financial
readiness with fans of the page and
with their peers
• Updates from Military Saves can
easily be sent to all fans. Updates
are seen on a fan’s wall by their
“friends”, generating great exposure
Mission: To Promote Financial
Readiness… The page will:
• Disseminate information & resources
• Provide education
• Encourage fans to explore and take the
"Saver Pledge”
• Enable discussion and create a forum
for support, encouragement and
knowledge sharing among page fans.
Overview and
The wall is the first page
visitors see when arriving at
Military Saves on Facebook.
The Wall features:
•Tabs to navigate the page,
•A Greeting/By-line
•Fans Box: displays who and
how many fans there are
•The Wall itself: Status updates
and comments from visitors
are displayed here.
The Wall,
The wall also features:
•A Military Saves Score Board
•The Saver Pledge with link to, and
•A brief snippet from the
Message tab
• Message: A personal message from
a noted authority in the field of
personal finance. (IE. Beth Kobliner,
Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, etc.)
• Discussion: Addressed on next slide
• Resources: List of links to other
useful and pertinent websites
• Boxes: photos, videos, and events
can be posted here
The discussion board is a center for sharing, learning,
support and encouragement. Here, page visitors can post
their triumphs, trials, concerns and questions.
Military Saves’ Page on Facebook will:
Enhance the online presence of the
campaign working along with,
Provide servicemembers with an accessible
forum for support, sharing, and learning,
Assist servicemembers in attaining
financial success.
Military Youth Saves on
• Military teens are center of gravity –
“owners” of military youth saves
• All service/all component network of
participating teens
– Facebook, google groups, etc
• Cultural core – individual
participation – with leadership
opportunities and outreach to local
Military Youth Saves on
– Military Saves
• Monitors internet forums
• Provides new materials, shares ideas,
assists with problem solving
• Tracks membership, participation and
– OSD/Services
• Promote coordination with youth
• Continuous access and occasionally
monitor forum activity
• Provide new materials and share ideas
Military Youth Saves on
– Teens & Installation Programs
• Programs will provide local guidance
for events
• Teens will coordinate and assist with
events locally for young children
• Installations offer support and
– Networking
• With each other
• With professionals (career learning
opportunities in finance?)
• With the America youth saves network
Reception invitation: CFA’s
Consumer Assembly, 17001800 today, Embassy Suites,
900 10th St NW (at K St)
Next Meeting
2 June - ue 2 Jun 09, Booz Allen
Hamilton courtesy of ASMC rep