Reduce, Reuse ,Recycle - Suffolk Schools Recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
(To the tune of Three Blind Mice)
Verse One:
Reggie Reduce, Reggie Reduce,
Saves the planet, saves the planet
He grows his own veg and he turns off his lights,
He makes his own compost and rides his bike,
He mends all that’s broken and makes it alright,
Reggie Reduce
Verse Two:
Rosie Reuse, Rosie Reuse
Saves the Earth, saves the Earth,
Everything she’s made from has been used before,
She gets all her materials from the scrap store,
She recharges her batteries to use them once more,
Rosie Reuse
Verse Three:
Robin Recycle, Robin Recycle
Saves the world, saves the world,
He recycles his cardboard and cans and plastic,
His foil and his cartons - he’s really fantastic,
Don’t let them get wasted – it really is drastic,
Robin Recycle