Water consERVATION


Water Conservation

By Natalie Kirkman

Why should we save water?

    People use our water faster then the planet can replenish it For fish and animals Using water wisely saves energy Using water wisely saves money



Grade TEKS

      Technology Applications 8A Uses communication tools to participate in group projects 8C Participate with electronic communities as a learner, initiator, contributor, & mentor 11B Uses presentation software to communicate with specific audiences  110.5 English LA & Reading 20C Takes simple notes from relevant sources such as classroom guests, books and media sources 20D Compile notes into outlines, reports, summaries or other written efforts using available technology

Bloom’s Taxonomy

    Cognitive Domain Comprehension: Understanding the meaning, translation & interpretation of instructions & problems.  Affective Domain Organization: Organizes values into priorities by contrasting different values, resolving conflicts between them & creating a unique value system  Psychomotor Domain Set: Readiness to act. It includes mental, physical & emotional sets.

Learning Objectives

     Students will understand the importance of using water wisely Students will know ways that they can contribute to water conservation Students will inform peers on ways to conserve water Students will be aware of why saving water saves energy Students will understand what it means to Go Green


    Students will complete Turn on the Tap : water usage activity chart with parents help at home Students will work in groups and search on Google for ways to save water Students will play water & energy Stop The Guzzler , a computer game that is fun and teaches them ways to save Students will create a presentation( kidpix or powerpoint) to present to another class that will share water saving tips and importance

     


 Essential Questions Why is conserving water important?

Can one person make a difference in saving water & energy?

 Unit Questions What changes are you going to make in your daily life to cut back your water usage?

How much money will your family save if you cut shower times in half?

How are you going to get your peers involved in water conservation?

What can you do or say to get people motivated about saving water?


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