Early Encounters Notes

Early Encounters Notes
America 1492-1800
1492-Christopher Columbus lands
on an island in the Caribbean
-Many diverse tribes of Native
Americans were already present on
the continent. Each of these had
their own distinct ways of life.
-first interactions between
Europeans and Native Americans
were for the purpose of trade
-Native Americans desired European weapons
and tools
-Europeans sought survival skills and food
from the natives
-Settlers exposed the natives to smallpox, a
deadly virus that sometimes wiped out entire
Explorers’ Writings
-Early explorers wrote detailed
accounts of the New World.
These appeared as letters,
journals and books.
-Detailed accounts of wilderness
were given in hopes of securing
funding for future expeditions.
Resources and promise of
wealth were appealing;
The Puritans
The term “Puritan” refers to a groups of Protestants in England
that, beginning is 1560, sought to “purify” the Church of England.
These groups desired for a simpler form of worship and church
organization as is described in Biblical scripture.
They believed religion was a personal experience and that neither
the clergy nor government should act as an intermediary between
people and God.
Puritans were persecuted in England.
Some were jailed and beaten. Others had
their noses slit and ears cut off.
Some fled to Holland.
A group desired to preserved their
identity as English Protestants and sailed
for the New World in 1620.
They hoped to worship there in the
fashion that they felt adhered to Biblical
Puritan Beliefs
Humans are sinful by nature
Most are condemned for eternity
Salvation belongs only to the elect
Those individuals who were
destined for salvation could be
identified by their hard work,
worldly success and signed of
God’s grace
• People should live in a thrifty self
reliant way
Puritan Politics: Government By Contract