Ch2 - MrBrooks

Puritan New England
Ch 2 Sec 3
Puritans vs. the Church of England
Causes of Conflict
• Difference in philosophy
when it comes to the
church of England
• Wanted to purify the
Church of England
Results of Conflict
• Puritans suffered religious
persecution leading many to
leave for the Americas (New
England Colonies)
Puritan leaders vs. Roger Williams
Causes of Conflict
• Difference in religious
beliefs (shouldn’t punish
people who worshipped
according to their
• Didn’t think English settlers
had rightful claim to land
Results of Conflict
• Williams was banished and
founded the colony of
Rhode Island
Puritan leaders vs. Anne Hutchinson
Causes of Conflict
• Difference in religious and
political beliefs
• Claimed you didn’t need
ministers to interpret the
Results of Conflict
• Hutchinson was banished
and fled to Rhode Island
The Pequot War
Causes of Conflict
• Native Americans viewed
land as a shared
commodity, while colonists
believed in private property
Results of Conflict
• War decimates Native
American population in
New England (Pequot
King Philip’s War
Causes of Conflict
• Continuing Native American
resentment of Puritan
Results of Conflict
• A colonial victory BUT
several colonial villages
were destroyed as well as
10% of military killed in
• The end of Native American
power in New England