Puritan Questions

Puritan Questions
1. Who were the “Puritans”? Be sure to give as detailed an answer as possible.
2. What issues—both with the English government and society—did the Puritans have that
led many to decide to leave England for North America?
3. Discuss the Puritan’s sense of “mission” in establishing a “bible commonwealth.” What
were they trying to create? How did the idea of a “covenant” influence their society?
4. Why did the Puritans have little acceptance for dissenters and those who sought alternative
versions of Puritanism?
5. Even though all people in Massachusetts had to attend church, only some were members.
How did one become a member and what privileges did members have that non-members
did not?
6. Explain what the Puritans believed about the presence of Satan and witches. What types of
things did they attribute to the aforementioned?
7. What types of economic activity did the New Englanders participate in?
8. Write a one-paragraph--at least six sentences—summary of this reading.