Massachusetts Bay Colony Power Point

Massachusetts Bay Colony
Established in 1630 by the
Massachusetts Bay Company
Settlers were led by John
Was the best planned and best
supported attempt at English
colonization of the new world
17 ships and 1000 men, women
and children arrived
The port city of Boston was
established as the capitol.
Winthrop’s Vision
Winthrop envisioned creating a
society that would be a “city
upon a hill”.
This society would largely be
based on biblical beliefs and
values held by the Puritans.
This led to a close relationship
between the government and the
Puritan church.
The government was far more
democratic than that in England.
All male members of the Puritan
church could vote (40% of the
Life in Puritan New England
Unlike the settlers in
Jamestown many Puritans
traveled to America as
Puritan laws were very
strict; drunkenness,
swearing and idleness
were all punishable
Those who did not adhere
to Puritan views and
beliefs were not very
welcome in the colony.
Roger Williams
Williams held two very
controversial views.
He believed that English settlers
had no rightful claim to the land
unless they purchased it from
He also believed “Forced religion
stinks in the nostrils of God”.
For these beliefs he was forced
out of the colony and headed
south, bought land from the
Narragansett tribe, and founded
Providence. (separation of church
and state and freedom of religion)
Anne Hutchinson
Believed that “the Holy Spirit
illumines the heart of every true
This philosophy seemed to
indicate worshippers needed no
church or its ministers to interpret
the Bible.
She was a woman.
She was banished and headed to
Rhode Island and later New York.
Puritans and Indians
The Puritans were no fans of Native Americans who were not
willing to give up land.
This led to many wars, including King Philip’s War that resulted
in an overwhelming victory for the colonists and their Indian
The cost was high; 10% of the colonial men of military age
were killed in the war.