Chapter 2 - Newark City Schools

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Beginnings of English America, 1607-1660
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APUSH – Burris
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1. Why did Henry VII break from the Catholic Church?
2. Why did Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh fail in
their attempts to colonize the New World?
3. Why did England consider Spain its enemy?
4. Describe the social crisis in England.
5. What did English settlers in North America believe was the
basis of liberty?
6. Describe the majority of 17th century migrants to North
7. What were the terms of indentured servitude?
8. How did the English and Native American views on land
9. Describe the economic exchanges between the colonists and
Native Americans. Who benefited more?
10. How did the colonists undermine the traditions of Native
11. What were some of the problems early Jamestown faced?
12. What happened in the Uprising of 1622, why did it occur?
13. What became southern “gold”?
14. How was the foundation of Maryland different from that of
15. Why did the Puritans emigrate from England?
16. Describe Winthrop’s views on liberty.
17. What was the Mayflower Compact?
18. Describe the New England population.
19. Describe the role of female v. male in a Puritan household.
20. Describe a New England town.
21. How was the Puritan church restrictive?
22. What did the Puritans think about the separation of church
and state?
23. Why did Roger Williams establish the colony of Rhode
24. Why were Thomas Hooker and Anne Hutchinson significant?
25. Who were the Levellers and Diggers?
26. How did Puritans treat Quakers?
27. What was the purpose of the Act Concerning Religion?