the power of advertising

答] promote
1.________________ The singer is on tour to p_______e his new album.[解
the power of advertising
答] estimate
2.________________ I e_______e that it will take us around three hours to drive there.[解
答] reduce
3.________________ Some companies r_______e the prices of their products to compete on the market.[解
答] bombarded
4.________________ During the storm, the town was b_______ded with balls of ice, some as large as golf balls.[解
答] convince
5.________________ I tried to c_______e him to change his mind, but in vain.[解
答] advertising
6.________________ The big cigarette manufacturers spend millions of dollars a year on a_______g.[解
答] likely[解
7.________________ According to the weather forecast, it is l_______ly to rain this afternoon.[解
析] weather forecast 氣象預報
答] familiar
8.________________ Mr. Li is an expert in Chinese music. He is f_______r with almost every Chinese musical instrument.[解
9.________________ P_______e me that you will never forget me.[解
答] Promise
10.________________ The marketing f_______m plans to set up a branch in China.[解
答] firm[解
析] 這個行銷公司計劃在中國設立分公司。
11.________________ Uranium(鈾) has leaked out from a nuclear p_______r plant.[解
答] power[解
析] 鈾從核能電廠中洩出。
答] estimated[解
12.________________ It is e_______ed that the population of Asia will be over 5 billion people by 2050.[解
答] creative
13.________________ The team presented some c_______e designs for a new robot.[解
答] critically
14.________________ We're taught to think c_______y about what we hear and what we see.[解
答] affect
15.________________ Maureen did not let her personal problems a_______t her work.[解
答] celebrities'
16.________________ Why are people so interested in c_______ies' private lives?[解
答] commercials
17.________________ The kids are always singing songs from TV c_______ls.[解
18.________________ She bought a bottle of p_______e yesterday.[解
析] by + 時間點 在……之前
答] perfume
答] catchy
19.________________ This is a c_______y song. No wonder it is so popular.[解
答] particular
20.________________ Do you prefer any p_______r brand of cosmetics?[解
答] promises[解
21.________________ Do you believe the p_______es those politicians make?[解
22.________________ The government is under great p_______e to reduce taxes.[解
答] pressure
23.________________ "Just do it" is a world famous s_______n created for Nike.[解
答] slogan
析] 你相信那些政客做的承諾嗎?
24.________________ To many people, happiness is e_______e. They don't know why it is so difficult to lead a happy life.[解
答] elusive
答] delivered
25.________________ The mail is usually d_______red to this office around 11 o'clock in the morning.[解
答] reduced
26.________________ The price of the car has been r_______ed by twenty percent, so we can afford it now.[解
答] endorsing
27.________________ It was reported that the movie star was paid five million dollars for e_______sing a certain brand of cosmetics.[解
28.________________ The store didn't have the b_______d of shampoo you wanted, so I bought this one.[解
29.________________ This song is famous because it has been used in a TV c_______l.[解
答] brand
答] commercial
答] subtle
30.________________ There are some s_______e differences between these two pictures. Can you figure out what they are?[解
答] affects[解
31.________________ Advertising a_______ts the mind of the consumer.[解
析] 廣告影響了消費者的想法。
32.________________ The Internet has a_______ted our lives in so many ways that we've all become dependent on Internet use.[解
答] affected
33.________________ People who c_______e large amounts of animal fat are more likely to get heart disease. So it's better to eat less of it.[解
答] organization
34.________________ The Red Cross is an international o_______n which helps people in need.[解
35.________________ I like going to see movies, p_______rly horror films.[解
答] particularly
36.________________ The boss has promised to give us a raise. Do you think he will d_______r it?[解
37.________________ We offer c_______rs good products and good service.[解
38.________________ We're asking for a slight r_______n in our rent.[解
答] deliver
答] consumers
答] reduction
39.________________ In the end Ted c_______ed his teacher of his innocence. His teacher believed that he did not cheat in the test.[解
40.________________ Often times, celebrities e_______e products that they have never and will never use.[解
答] convinced
答] endorse
41.________________ The pub is a good place to go if you want to see some c_______ies. Many famous people like to hang out there.[解
43.________________ He put a classified a_______d in the local newspaper to sell his apartment.[解
44.________________ He has a part-time job d_______ring newspapers every morning.[解
答] consumes
答] ad
答] delivering
46.________________ Nurses should be a_______e to their patients.[解
47.________________ I'm tired of the empty s_______ns politicians speak during elections.[解
答] attentive
答] slogans
48.________________ It is irresponsible and ineffective for advertisers to constantly b_______d us with their messages.[解
答] celebrities
答] advertise
42.________________ Companies often a_______e their products on television or in magazines.[解
45.________________ This car c_______es a lot of fuel.[解
答] consume
答] bombard
析] 廣告商不斷地用他們的廣告訊息來轟炸我們,是很不負責且沒效率的。
49.________________ Don't u_______e women's potential. We can be very strong in the face of difficulty.[解
答] underestimate
50.________________ For the welfare of future g_______ns, we need to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.[解
答] generations
析] welfare 福祉
CO2 emissions 二氧化碳排放量
答] attention
51.________________ Can I have your a_______n, please? We need two volunteers to help hand out these class schedules.[解
析] volunteer 自願者
hand out 分發
class schedule 課程時間表
答] Organizations
52.________________ Non-Governmental O_______ns called NGOs are groups that work independent of government and business.[解
答] Promoted
54.________________ P_______ted as sales manager, Mrs. Wang now has to take on more responsibility.[解
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) _______ I learn about the history of ancient Egypt, _______ I like it.(A) The more, the more
答] A[解
the power of advertising
答] promotes
53.________________ Most dentists will tell you that dental floss p_______es the health of your gums.[解
析] ancient 古代的
(B) The sooner, the better(C) The less, the less
Egypt 埃及
) Turn down your radio, _______ you will disturb the neighbors.(A) and
) European politicians are trying to _______ the UK Government to make cigarette companies print photos on the packets.(94學測)
(B) let
(C) make
(D) get[解
(B) but
(D) or[解
答] D
) _______ we become, _______ we should be.(A) The older, the wiser
答] A[解
(C) unless
答] D
(A) have
(B) The more, the older(C) The younger, the wiser
) Of my friends, I think Rhonda is most _______ married at a young age.(A) likely to get
) _______ the Internet, and you will find tons of information.(A) Surfing
) Insert twenty-five dollars _______ you will get a cup of latte.(A) or
(B) until
(C) then
(D) and[解
) I can't accept the truth _______ my wife used to be a man.(A) that
(B) which
(C) what
(D) X[解
) I couldn't help _______ when I saw him dressed in a pink bikini.(A) but laughing
析] pink 粉紅色
(B) like to get(C) likely to getting
(B) To surf
(C) Surfed
(B) laughing
答] D[解
(C) but to laugh
(B) Every time
(B) so
(C) very
(B) marrying
(D) such[解
(C) to marry
答] B
(D) in marriage
析] used to + V 過去曾經是……
) _______ a TV can be dangerous if you're not an expert.(A) Repairing
) In advertising, slogans sell products and _______ famous faces.(A) so are
) The _______ often you read, the more knowledge you have.(A) better
) Even with all this protection, some people still end up _______.(A) be hurt
) We couldn't help _______ when we saw a cockroach running towards us.(A) but to scream
(B) Repair
(C) You repair
(B) so do
(B) X
(C) more
答] B
(D) as do[解
答] C
(D) well[解
(B) get hurt
答] A
(D) Being repaired[解
(C) as are
(C) to get hurt
答] D
(D) getting hurt[解
(B) but screaming
(C) but scream
(D) to scream
析] cockroach 蟑螂
) I'm sure you will come to like the school soon. If you _______, turn to your teachers for help.(A) won't
) She can't _______ worrying about her son, even though he is an adult.(A) help but
) You can borrow the car when you like, but _______ asking me first.(A) without
) As I looked at the painting, I found myself _______ to it.(A) attracting
) Joshua _______ I have an appointment with the dentist at three o'clock.
(A) reminded me of
(B) reminded me to(C) reminded me that
(B) not with
(C) help
(C) not without
(B) was attracted(C) attracted
(D) reminded me when[解
) A few minutes later, I found myself _______ along a country road lined with palm trees.(A) driving
) I _______ laughing as I looked at some funny photos of my parents when they were young.
(A) could not help
(B) don't
(B) help but to
(B) could lend a helping hand(C) could have helped them out
(C) are
(B) drove
(C) to drive
) Choose _______ piece of land you like. We have plenty of it.(A) that
) By the time they got home, the thief _______ everything valuable and gone.(A) has collected
) _______ go of my hand, or we'll lose each other in the crowd.(A) Not let
) _______ a deep breath, and you will feel more relaxed.(A) Taking
) _______ hungry again for a while since you just had a big lunch, right?
(B) Don't let
(B) Take
(C) should have
(C) Not letting
(C) To Take
(B) with
答] A
(C) X
(C) will collect
(D) Having taken[解
(D) to get[解
答] B
答] D
答] C
(D) Let not[解
(A) You are not likely to be(B) You are not likely that(C) It is not likely you to be(D) It is not likely to you[解
(D) driven[解
(D) couldn't help[解
(D) whoever[解
(B) had collected
dentist 牙醫
答] A
) It was such a sad film that I _______ crying while watching it.(A) would not
(C) whatever
答] C
析] appointment 約會
(B) which
答] C
答] C[解
) If you don't start taking your schoolwork more seriously, you are going to end up _______ poor grades this year.(A) get
(B) cannot but
答] C
(D) no without[解
(D) to attract[解
(D) could help you[解
答] B
(D) have[解
(D) help to[解
(D) Whatever
析] think of 想起
) Carol ended up _______ Fred, who used to be her sister's boyfriend in high school.(A) with marriage of
答] C[解
latte 拿鐵
答] B
(D) to laugh[解
(C) By the time
析] insert 投入;插入
答] A
) "Just do it" is _______ catchy a slogan that many people remember it and the product it helps to sell.(A) more
答] B[解
答] D
(D) Surf[解
答] A
(D) likely that getting[解
bikini 比基尼
) _______ I look at Betty, I think of her mother, who looked so much like her.(A) Almost
答] B[解
(D) The older, the more
析] wise 聰明的
(D) The better, the better
(D) would collect[解
答] B
答] B
答] B
答] A[解
析] have a big lunch 午餐吃得很飽
) Many people buy the product partly because of the familiar slogan they can't _______.
(A) forget them
(B) help buying them(C) get out of their heads
(D) find easy to remember[解
答] C
) Katherine has long fingers. She _______ to be a pianist.(A) means
) _______, the more knowledge you will have.(A) As long as you read more books
(C) With the more books you read
(B) meant
答] D
(D) is meant[解
(B) The more you read books
the power of advertising
答] D
(D) The more books you read[解
(C) has meant
) My teacher encouraged me _______.(A) took part in more extracurricular activities(B) to go into business management(C) keeping my diary in English
答] B
(D) not be defeated by the failures[解
) I could hardly believe that I won the first prize. ___.(A) So could my parents (B) So my parents could(C) Neither could my parents (D) Neither my parents could[解
) This play _______ a comedy, yet with Jack as the leading male character, it became one.
(A) meant to be
(B) was not meant to be(C) means to be
答] B[解
(D) is not meaning to be[解
析] comedy 喜劇
) Companies firmly believe customers will use their products if celebrities tell customers they _______.(A) are
) _______ in the mouth, the more likely cavities will develop.(96學測)
(A) The longer the food stays
(B) The longer stays the food(C) The food stays longer
leading male character 男主角
(B) do
(C) had
(B) to be
(D) were going to[解
答] B
答] A
(D) Stays longer the food[解
) It would be great if Sherry could convince her mother _______ safe with us on the trip.(A) that she would be
答] C
(C) of being
答] A
(D) that she will[解
析] convince sb. + that 子句
) A: So you just came back from China. Is the Great Wall really as magnificent as it looks in pictures? B: _______.(A) Can't help it
答] D[解
析] the Great Wall 萬里長城
(B) Just do it
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) They __________ this school for the blind twenty years ago.(A) turned to
) A big typhoon hit the island. __________, hundreds of people were left homeless. (A) Or else
) From my _______, Maria is not suitable for this job.(A) generation gap
) Ted often _______ looking for interesting new websites.(A) browses the bookshelves
(B) flips the channel(C) surfs the Internet
) Watching the boy play convinced the coach _______ his soccer skills.(A) of
(C) off
) I think the best way to find the information you need will be to _______.(A) see an ad
) During his year working at an international company in Taipei, Josh _______ many professional business terms.(A) got mad at
(C) had been embarrassed about
(B) is meant to
(C) ends in
答] B
) This book _______ make people laugh, but it doesn't.(A) catches up on
(B) got across
(D) is too far[解
(C) pointed out
(B) to
答] D
(D) set up[解
(B) First of all
(C) As a result
(B) TV commercials(C) point of view
(C) buy a product
(B) became familiar with
(B) end up
(C) think about
) I know it's mean, but I _______ laughing at the way Raymond speaks.(A) can't help
) Would you please __________ the TV? I'm talking to my friend on the phone.(A) hold on to
) Since these people don't have written language, some of their traditions and customs were __________ through dance and singing.
(B) loyal to
(B) keep, from
(C) belonging to
(B) think up
(B) turn down
(C) convince, of
(D) not only[解
(C) die out
) I'm sorry I cannot show you the way; I'm not _______ this part of town.(A) familiar with
) I tried to _______ from inside the car by shouting at him like a mad man, but he just didn't notice me.(A) surf the Internet
mad 瘋狂的
(B) famous for
答] A
答] A
(D) line up[解
答] B
(C) in time
(D) ready for[解
答] A
(B) think up(C) pay attention to him
(D) get his
notice 注意
) Now that you are on vacation, all you have to do is relax, __________, and have fun.(A) sit in
) Did you manage to _______ a good name for your rock band?(A) turn on
) They finally _______ a way to iron out the thorny problem.(A) came about
答] D
答] A
(D) broken down[解
析] shout at 對……吼叫
(D) get, to[解
(D) convinced to[解
(C) go away
答] B
(D) end up with[解
) This book is _______ help students who are preparing for exams.(A) meant to
答] D[解
答] D
(D) surf the Internet[解
答] C
答] B
(D) was pleased with[解
(C) made up
析] suitable 適合的
答] A
) No matter how much she tries, Eleanor can't _______ her son _______ clean his room.(A) add, to
(B) put down
答] C[解
答] C
(D) rides the subway[解
(A) passed down
(D) What's worse[解
(D) credit cards[解
(D) that[解
(B) turn on the TV
) If we believe money can earn us everything, we'll _______ losing ourselves.(A) think up
(D) You
magnificent 雄偉的
(C) It works
(B) think up
(B) stay up
(C) end up
(B) brought about
(C) drink up
(D) belong to[解
(C) came up
(D) take it easy[解
答] D
答] B
(D) thought up[解
答] D
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Every time you open a newspaper, you will see advertisements. __1__ you turn on the TV or surf the Internet, there __2__. There are ads everywhere, __3__ that it is impossible
to __4__ them. So don't try. And don't be under any pressure to buy the products __5__. The advertisements are just being used __6__ your attention. You might have to look at them, but
you should think __7__ about them as well. Consider the values and __8__ presented in the message. Don't be someone who __9__ buying an advertised product. Above all, don't be
fooled __10__ believing that buying a product will make you happier.
1.(A) Whatever
3.(A) so many
5.(A) too
7.(A) especially
(B) critically
9.(A) can't help
(B) can't help but
(B) Whoever
(B) as many
(B) but also
(C) However
(C) as much
(C) either
(D) Whenever(
(D) so much(
(D) thus(
(C) carelessly
4.(A) talk
6.(A) to getting
(D) horribly(
(C) have no choice but
2.(A) is it
(B) are they
(B) count
(B) to get
(C) describe
(C) for getting
8.(A) advertising firms
(D) can't do(
(C) it is
) 10.(A) from
(D) they are
(D) discuss
(D) by getting
(B) creative ideas
(C) points of view
(B) by
(D) into
(C) for
(D) high prices
答] 1.D 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.B 7.B 8.C 9.A 10.D
Advertising is everywhere.
You see or hear advertising messages __1__ you turn on the TV or listen to the radio. Since advertising is aimed to make you __2__ the trends
(潮流) and spend more money, it is __3__ for companies to spend millions of dollars __4__ sales. But you may not know advertising affects __5__ your buying habits but your values.
__6__ about the attractive models or successful celebrities you see in ads, and you may find that ads __7__ an illusion (假象) that you'll be happier or better looking __8__ you use
these products.
But the truth is that you'll only __9__ spending more and more money.
Also, think about the countless girls who would like to have a perfect boy just because ads
__10__ on physical appearance and perfection (完美).
Do you really need products advertised on TV to boost (提高) your confidence?
1.(A) whenever
3.(A) no wonder
5.(A) just
7.(A) set
9.(A) cut off
the times
not uncommon
(B) both
(B) do
(C) whatever
(C) not only
(C) revenge
end up
(D) at a time(
(C) interestingly
(D) either(
(D) create(
(C) think up
2.(A) to beat
(D) unnatural(
6.(A) Thinking
8.(A) as long as
(D) bring in(
the power of advertising
Think about this before buying.
(C) reversed
4.(A) to increase
(B) setting
(B) on
(C) Thought
(C) before
) 10.(A) emphasize
(B) depend
(D) follow
(C) promote
(D) to reducing
(D) To think
(D) as far as
(C) put emphasis
(D) are dependent
答] 1.A 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.C 6.B 7.D 8.A 9.B 10.C
In business you have to spend money to make money. Some companies spend huge amounts on advertising. A company can not __1__ its customers to buy a particular product
if they do not even know it exists. Effective commercials and advertisements can __2__ big profits. An important part of advertising is having a good company logo. Logos are not __3__
to be creative, just unique. Most of all they need to be easy to recognize, like Nike's "swoosh," for example. Perhaps one of the advertising industry's most __4__ logos is McDonald's
yellow "M." The McDonald's "Golden Arches" logo was created in 1962 and __5__ all over the world. One study showed that the average American child becomes familiar with the
McDonald's logo before the age of two. Does this really make a difference though? __6__ It creates brand loyalty at a very young age which results in enormous profits for McDonald's.
Almost half of all children in North America have been to McDonald's at least once __7__ the time they are six years old. __8__, such loyalty to the Golden Arches can be a problem for
parents who want to reduce their children's intake of junk food. Never underestimate the power of young children to persuade their parents to take them to McDonald's! Of course,
McDonald's does __9__ rely on its logo to sell its food products. Every year it spends hundreds of millions of dollars on commercials, ads and charity events. When you consider that
McDonald's has over 30,000 restaurants worldwide, you realize just __10__ important advertising must be for the company.
1.(A) give
(B) let
(C) make
3.(A) meant
5.(A) has recognized
7.(A) over
9.(A) not simply
(B) advertised
(B) in
(D) get(
(C) criticized
(B) is recognized
(C) by
(D) of(
(B) not exactly
2.(A) bring up
(D) proved(
(C) is recognizing
8.(A) Instead
(C) not necessarily
(B) bring about
(C) bring in
4.(A) celebrated
(B) celebration
(C) celebrity
(D) celebrate
) 6.(A) Hooray!
(B) Get lost!
(C) No way!
(D) recognized(
(B) Particularly
(D) not mainly(
(C) Altogether
) 10.(A) what
(D) bring out
(D) You bet!
(D) Unfortunately
(B) where
(C) how
(D) when
答] 1.D 2.C 3.A 4.A 5.B 6.D 7.C 8.D 9.A 10.C
Advertising firms get paid a lot of money to __1__ slogans and jingles. An effective catchphrase or jingle is one that people can't __2__. They will remember it even __3__ they
first heard it. And, when it comes to making people __4__ to buy a product, things such as slogans, catchphrases, and jingles definitely __5__.
These methods sell products, but __6__ famous faces. If a celebrity tells you he or she buys a product, you __7__ it yourself. At least, that's what companies think, and they spend
millions of dollars __8__. This money goes to sports stars, pop stars, and movie stars __9__ endorse products in the media. __10__ a famous person recommend a product encourages
more people to buy it.
1.(A) make from
3.(A) several times
5.(A) working
7.(A) were used
9.(A) who
(B) think up
(C) go on
(B) long since
(B) to work
(B) for
(C) much later
(C) works
(B) will use
(D) laugh at(
(C) they
6.(A) so as
(D) are used to(
(D) whose(
2.(A) get out of their heads
(D) years after(
(D) work(
(C) have used
) 10.(A) With
(B) be eager to help
4.(A) more likely
(B) so do
8.(A) at last
(B) Because
(B) as far as
(C) same as
(C) look up
(D) take as an example
(D) by accident
(D) they do
(B) that's why
(C) Having
(C) change with the times
(C) as a result
(D) most cases
答] 1.B 2.A 3.D 4.A 5.D 6.B 7.B 8.C 9.A 10.C
(D) There is[解
The advertising industry is one of the world's biggest. Every year companies spend billions of dollars to convince us __1__ things that we didn't know that we wanted. And, even
though the style of advertising is forced to change as consumers become too familiar __2__ the old styles, advertisers still manage to stay one step ahead of consumers. Most of us might
claim that advertisements don't affect us, but of course they __3__, simply because they bombard us from everywhere.
In the early years of the advertising industry, advertisements were pretty basic. They were just designed to __4__ people's awareness of a particular brand. Companies figured that
people would rather buy a product they had heard of than an unknown one. A __5__ was a good way to help consumers remember the name of the product. __6__ alternative was to use a
celebrity to endorse the product.
However, in recent years, advertising __7__ subtler and more creative. Firms have decided that the best way to make people buy their product is to sell a 'brand __8__ ' rather than
the product itself. So, Nike commercials, for example, don't even mention the shoes themselves. __9__, they concentrate on simply showing that people who wear Nike shoes are
independent 'free spirits'. And, __10__ everyone likes to think that they are 'independent', we all go out and buy the Nike shoes.
1.(A) to buy
(B) of buying
3.(A) won't
5.(A) catchy slogan
7.(A) became
(B) has become
9.(A) Instead
(B) However
(B) don't
(C) buy
(C) do
(B) TV show
(D) that buy(
(D) will(
2.(A) to
4.(A) criticize
(C) pop star
(C) had become
(C) On the other hand
(B) of
(C) with
(B) persuade
(D) loud piece of music(
(D) will become(
(D) As a result(
(D) for
(C) present
(D) promote
6.(A) The others
8.(A) endorsement
) 10.(A) since
(B) Other
(B) loyalty
(B) although
(C) Others
(C) image
(C) even if
(D) Another
(D) attention
(D) By the time
答] 1.A 2.C 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.A 10.A
Advertising is everywhere. Advertising messages bombard us from everywhere─billboards, sides of buses and buildings. There is only one purpose of all these ads─__1__ us
to buy a particular product or service. To serve this purpose, advertisers use every possible __2__. Catchy slogans, such as Nike's "Just do it," work effectively. __3__ famous stars like
Nicole Kidman and Tiger Woods. Advertisers also use __4__ messages that make us think we will be happier if we use their brands. It's no wonder that many of the times we cannot help
__5__ products we don't really need. It is important for us to be aware of the influence advertising has __6__ us and __7__ the advertisements we see.
1.(A) forcing
3.(A) So are
(B) Neither are
5.(A) to buy
(B) to buying
7.(A) be meant to
(B) convincing
(C) making
(C) So do
(D) refusing(
2.(A) means
(B) methods
(D) Neither do(
4.(A) subtle
(B) critical
(C) buy
(D) buying(
6.(A) in
(B) with
(C) on
(B) pay attention to
(C) think up
(D) think critically about[解
(C) pressure
(D) point of view
(C) celebrated
(D) attentive
the power of advertising
(D) for
答] 1.B 2.A 3.C 4.A 5.D 6.C 7.D
Companies pay a lot of money to advertising firms to think up __1__ phrases for their products. Famous slogans people can't get out of their heads __2__ Nike's "Just do it," and
"I'm lovin' it," used by McDonald's to __3__ its food items. __4__ slogans and jingles, famous faces sell products. Companies think you will use their products if __5__ tell you they do.
As a result, companies pay millions of dollars to sports stars, pop stars and movie stars to __6__ their products. __7__ method companies use, advertisements __8__ encourage sales.
They use powerful images and language to __9__ you to buy products. Try to think __10__ about an advertisement so that the pressure to buy will be reduced.
1.(A) familiar
(B) subtle
(C) catchy
3.(A) promote
(B) estimate
5.(A) critics
7.(A) However
9.(A) keep
(D) elusive(
(C) deliver
(D) affect(
2.(A) including
4.(A) With the help of
(B) commercials
(C) celebrities
(D) consumers(
(B) Whenever
(C) Wherever
(D) Whatever(
(B) have
(C) get
(D) make(
(B) include
(B) In spite of
6.(A) convince
(B) critically
(D) to include
(C) As a result of
(B) reduce
8.(A) mean to
) 10.(A) particularly
(C) included
(C) consume
(B) are meant to
(C) creatively
(D) In addition to
(D) endorse
(C) add to
(D) are added to
(D) attentively
答] 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.C 6.D 7.D 8.B 9.C 10.B
It seems there is no escape from advertisements. People __1__ them every day when opening newspapers, watching TV, __2__ the Internet, or even when walking in the
countryside. It is estimated that __3__ Americans are 65, they have seen two million TV commercials.
Lots of pop stars and movie stars are paid to endorse different products because they often attract a certain degree of __4__. Also, energetic chants, __5__ slogans, and eye-catching
costumes are created to draw consumers' __6__. That's why ads are so effective that people may find themselves __7__ items that have been advertised on TV when they go shopping.
__8__ method they use, advertisements are designed to encourage sales. The more you are exposed to them, __9__ you are to buy them. After all, the power of advertising can
never be __10__.
1.(A) are meant to
3.(A) every time
5.(A) catchy
7.(A) to pick up
9.(A) the more
(B) are bombarded with
(B) by the time
(B) attentive
(C) think up
(C) as a result
(C) impossible
(B) pick up
答] 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.D 8.A 9.B 10.C
析] escape 脫逃;逃亡
(D) elusive(
(C) the less
eye-catching 吸引目光的
(D) you bet(
(C) to be picked up
(B) the more likely
countryside 鄉下
costume 服裝
(D) get to(
2.(A) surfing
(B) pressuring
4.(A) critical thinking
6.(A) perfume
(D) picking up(
(D) the less like(
(C) attention
(B) However
) 10.(A) convinced
pop star 影歌紅星
(B) generation gap
(B) reduction
8.(A) Whatever
(C) promoting
(D) delivering
(C) point of view
(D) organization
(C) No matter where
(B) created
(C) underestimated
a certain degree of 某種程度的……
(D) brand loyalty
(D) No matter who
(D) organized
energetic 充滿活力的;精力旺盛的
chant 歌;歌唱
effective 有效的
Advertising attempts to __1__ you to buy a company's products or __2__. To be successful they have to be so creative and __3__ that you will __4__ want to buy the
commodity. Creativity is not the only key, __5__ is also important. The more times you watch the ad you will become __6__ familiar with it and the product it sells. This way you will
easily remember the slogans and __7__ because they are __8__ to catch your attention. Every company pays thousands or millions of dollars to ad firms to __9__ catchy __10__ that are
so memorable people will not easily forget them. When such a phrase is coined and used in advertising, many people still remember it decades later.
1.(A) persuade
(B) persuaded
3.(A) convincing
5.(A) repetitive
7.(A) jingles
(B) jingling
9.(A) invents
(B) inventing
(C) persuasive
(B) convinced
(B) repeating
(C) convince
(C) repetition
(C) jingled
(D) persuading(
2.(A) servicing
(B) service
(D) convinces(
4.(A) automatic
(B) automates
(D) repetitions(
(D) jingle(
(C) invent
(D) inventive(
6.(A) increase
8.(A) design
(B) designs
) 10.(A) phrased
(C) services
(B) increasingly
(C) design
(B) phrases
(D) serviced
(C) automatically
(C) increases
(D) automated
(D) increased
(D) designed
(C) phrasing
(D) phrase
答] 1.A 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.C 6.B 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.B
它有效嗎?當然!Does it __________? You __________![解
答] work, bet
我每一次看感人的電影都忍不住掉淚。_______ I see a touching movie, I can't _______ _______.[解
珍最後變得花越來越多的錢在衣服上。Jane ended up _______ more and more money _______ clothes.[解
他是個相當注意細節的人。He is a person who _______ _______ _______ the details.[解
你真的認為你能說服艾美嫁給你嗎?Do you really think you can __________ Amy __________ marry you?[解
似乎每當我坐下來要觀賞我最喜歡的電視節目時,門鈴都會響。It seems that _____ _____ I sit down to watch my favorite show on TV, the doorbell rings.[解 答] every, time
你可能會買那些商品。You are __________ __________ __________ those products.[解
答] Whenever, help, crying
答] spending, on
答] pays, attention, to
答] convince, to
答] likely, to, buy
你必須熟悉這裡的道路才能開車。You have to be _______ _______ the roads here so that you can drive.[解
答] familiar, with
the power of advertising
我對這位作家不熟。I'm not __________ __________ this writer.[解
答] familiar, with
你運動得越多,你的身體便越強壯。The _______ you exercise, the _______ your body will become.[解
答] more, stronger
答] pays, attention, to
My husband never __________ __________ __________ what I say. The only thing he cares about is the baseball games.[解
有沒有人能讓這台印表機印出東西呢?Can anybody __________ this printer __________ __________?[解
答] get, to, work
你無法數清每天看到多少廣告。It's __________ to __________ the __________ of advertisements you see every day.[解
批判性地思考廣告,你將會變成更精明的消費者。Think critically about advertising, _______ _______ will become a smarter customer.[解
隨便在這個城市的任何一條街道上走,你會看見到處都是廣告。Just ____ along any street in the city, ___ you will see advertising everywhere you look.[解
我今天必須加班,我同事也是。I have to work overtime today, and _______ _______ my colleagues.[解
他約會又遲到了,而且正試圖想出個藉口來安撫女朋友。He is late again and is trying to __________ __________ an excuse to calm down his girlfriend.[解
答] impossible, count, number
答] and, you
答] walk, and
答] so, do
答] think, up
Every day I am (b)__________ __________ questions asked by my six-year-old boy, who can't __________ __________ "why" about practically everything.
答] bombarded, with, help, asking
任何冷飲都不要喝,否則你的喉嚨只會愈來愈痛。Don't drink any cold soft drinks, __________ your sore throat will get worse.[解
你發現自己記得住廣告的口號。You __________ yourself __________ the slogans of advertisements.[解
依我看,廣告常訴諸情感來引誘消費者。_______ my p_______ _______ _______, ads often appeal to emotions to induce consumers.[解
結婚這件事實在不包括在我未來幾年的生涯規劃中。__________ married doesn't really fit into my plans for the next few years.[解
答] Getting
我們要如何使更多人加入我們的慈善組織呢?How can we __________ more people __________ join our charity organization?[解
答] get, to
我忍不住覺得瑪莎並不信任她的丈夫。I __________ __________ __________ think that Martha doesn't trust her husband.[解
當人們買東西時,他們常長時間忠於固定的品牌。When people buy products, they often stay __________ __________ the same brands for a long time.[解
警察是來保衛人民,不是來擾民。The police __________ __________ to defend people, not disturb people.[解
Brian hoped for good luck in Las Vegas, but __________ __________ __________ all his money.[解
答] or
答] find, remembering
答] From, point, of, view
答] can't, help, but
答] are, meant
答] ended, up, losing
答] thought, up, familiar, with
For the new product, the advertising firm __________ __________ a catchy phrase that people would soon be __________ __________.[解
我明天早上要去剪頭髮。I'm going to get my hair __________ tomorrow morning.[解
廣告訊息自四面八方朝你轟炸。Advertising messages __________ you __________ __________.[解
從我的觀點來看,花這麼多錢買名牌並不值得。From my _______ of _______, it's not worth spending so much money on famous brands.[解
廣告的目的是要說服你購買某一特定的產品或服務。The aim of advertising is to _______ you to buy a _______ product or service.[解
你愈少為事情操心,你就會覺得愈快樂。The __________ you worry about things, the __________ you will feel.[解
本書的目的是教壓力大的人如何放鬆自己。This book __________ __________ to teach people __________ a lot of __________ how to relax themselves.
答] loyal, to
答] cut
答] bombard, from, everywhere
答] point, view
答] convince, particular
答] less, happier
答] is, meant, under, pressure
音樂的目的是用來欣賞,而不是用來傷害耳朵的!Music __________ __________ __________ be enjoyed, not to damage your ears![解
你愈幽默,就愈受女孩子歡迎。________ ________ ________ you are, ________ ________ ________ you will be with girls.[解
無論使用何種方法,廣告的目的在於鼓勵消費者購買產品。_______ method they use, advertisements are _______ _______ encourage _______ to buy products.
答] The, more, humorous, the, more, popular
答] Whatever, meant, to, consumers
許多學生多數的休閒時間都花在上網。Many students spend most of their free time _______ the _______.[解
They would __________ have survived the night on the peak __________ enough food and warm clothing.[解
答] is, meant, to
答] surfing, Internet
答] not, without
Lisa is (c)__________ __________ Allen's attitude. She says that on their first date he didn't really __________ (a)__________ __________ what she was saying. __________
__________ __________ that she won't go out with him again.[解
答] critical, of, pay, attention, to, It, is, likely
老人反抗,結果搶匪什麼也沒搶到就落跑了。The old man fought back, and the robber __________ __________ __________ away with nothing.[解
我要叫妹妹把她房間的雜物清理乾淨。I'll _______ my younger sister _______ clean up the mess in her room.[解
媽媽提醒我帶傘,因為最近下午可能會下雨。Mom _______ me _______ take an umbrella with me because it was _______ to rain in the afternoon.[解
答] ended, up, running
答] get, to
答] reminded, to,
政府救災太遲,受到媒體砲轟。The government was _______ _______ criticism from the press for the delay in the rescue work.[解
答] bombarded, with