File - From Mad Men to Ad Men (and Women)

From "Mad Men" to Ad Men...and Women -Today's Global World of Advertising and Media
Exercises for Chapter Six
1. INTERNATIONAL TV ADVERTISING (One of the five assignments mentioned
on the class syllabus)
Find an article about International Television Advertising. Advertising Age
( would be a good source, or use a search engine or library database to
find your article. Take some notes and be ready to share the highlights of your findings.
If possible, show your article to your classmates online.
1. Hardee's and Carl's Jr. recently used a television commercial featuring a
schoolteacher dancing on top of her desk while a room full of guys performed a rap song
entitled "I Like Flat Buns." The song seemed appropriate since the ad was for the Patty
Melt on a flat bun. Instead the ad received considerable flack because the sexy blonde
teacher was wearing a tight skirt. Teacher's associations complained that it was
inappropriate because it was a "sexually exploitive assault" on teachers, students, and
schools. Watch the original commercial and the edited one below. Then comment: Do
you agree or disagree with the teacher's associations? Why?
This is the original ad:
This is the re-edited ad after the firm gave in to pressure:
2. Examine figure 6.3, and then access the following web sites for the milk
industry. What differences do you see in the web sites? What do you believe is the
intended audience for each web site?