Careers Assignment

Careers Assignment
The following assignment will involve searching the internet for information on jobs
related to the computer/information technology field. The information you must find is:
job title
detailed description of the job (responsibilities, duties, etc.)
training required for this career
several schools/colleges/universities that provide training programs for
this career and a detailed description of their program
salaries for a position within this field (entry level – senior level)
Possible employers for this career
Why you chose this career? What peaked your interest?
Some possible careers that you may choose from include:
1. Computer Animation
2. Programmer/Analyst
3. Database Administrator
4. Website Designer
5. Graphic Designer
6. Systems Administrator
7. JAVA Developer
8. Computer Technician (GeekSquad)
9. Payroll Adminsitrator
10. Game Designer
11. Other
All projects must be approved by Mr. Briggs before they are started, to prevent
The information obtained will be organized into a presentation using Microsoft
Powerpoint. or Keynote. See Presentation Evaluation Sheet for evaluation information.
A. Careers and Career Planning
2. - Search for jobs locally, find out about different careers, etc.
3. - Find out about different apprenticeships and what it
takes to get there.
4. - Offers information on all trades and apprenticeships.
5. Human Resources Development Canada –
6. –
7. Workopolis (Globe and Mail Careers) –
8. Government of Ontario Training and Jobs website –
9.’s Careers page –
10. htc Canada’s HiTech Career Journal –
B. Computer Technology News
1. Wired News –
2. ZDNet –
3. TechWeb –
4. Canada Computes –
5. cnet –
C. Post Secondary Programs
1. Guidance/Student Services Department
2. Co-op Department
Proper MLA Citation is required.
Minimum length of acceptable assignment: 7-8 Slides
You may include any additional information you see fit.
DUE: October 1st