Student Edition Labs - Centerville Community Schools

Student Edition Lab Assignment:
Careers in Technology: Getting Ahead
After graduation, you are interested in a career in the information technology (IT) field.
You decide to research career paths and positions in the IT field to determine
responsibilities, salary, as well as education levels, skills, qualifications, and
certifications required for employment.
1. Create a new document and save it as Careers in Technology.doc. Start by
listing three possible careers or positions in the IT field that you want to learn
more about.
2. Log onto the Internet and use a search engine to find more information about each
of the positions. Be sure to include the following:
 Position (Job Title)
 URL where you found the information
 Responsibilities of the position
 Salary
 Qualifications for the position
 Education level or Certification
 Positions (job titles and location) available in your area
3. Create a bulleted list for each of the positions in the Careers in Technology.doc.
At the end of each position, write a sentence describing if the position still appeals
to you after you have researched it.
4. Select one of the positions that appeals to you and write a paragraph describing
how you would stay current in that field.
5. Check for spelling errors, save your changes, and then submit the document to
your instructor.