Careers Department-Alternative routes to

Welcome to the
Careers DepartmentAlternative routes to University
What other options are available?
School leavers
sponsored degrees
Work experience
Take a gap year
Finding employment standing out from the crowd-there are jobs out there!
CV and cover letteris it up to date and
relevant to what
your looking for?
Networking/contactsgo to as many events
and also speak to as
many people possible
the right person may be
a phone call away!
Stay positive- do not
give up if you are not
successful try
something different
e.g. a video c.v./cold
Plan your job searchhave bookmarks/list of
relevant websites.
Job search in the
If you have not got
enough work
why not volunteer
companies greatly value
An excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience
Earn while you
learn on
average £170
net per week
Get benefits
that an
would get e.g.
paid holiday
Can take
between 1 to 4
years to
depending on
the level
3 different levels
Intermediate= 5
Advanced=2 Alevels,
on Degree
You work
towards a workbased
such as a
and others
Work experience-this could be a gap year
Possibility of
travelling depending
on the Employer
Allows you to
explore different
Great way to
enhance your C.V
and employers value
Amount of time can
vary-could do this as
well as work/study
Could lead to a paid
Work experience-different types
Sandwich placements: assessed paid work which is part of a student's course. It
is often of one year's duration.
Work-based project: A specific piece of assessed work for a course, undertaken
at an employer's premises.
Work placement: A period of work experience, which can be paid or unpaid, and
is part of a course of study. This can be arranged through your university with an
employer or by yourself and is for an agreed period of time.
Voluntary work: Any type of work undertaken for no payment, usually outside of
your course and in your spare time.
Part-time work: Paid or unpaid work undertaken during term-time.
Work shadowing: Where a student observes a member of staff working in an
organisation, and so gains an understanding of what a particular job entails.
Internships: A phrase that is increasingly used by large companies and refers to a
placement within their organisation.
Vacation work: This could be paid part-time or temporary work for students or full
time work for graduates looking to enhance their CVs or improve job prospects.
Employer funded study (Sponsored degrees/school leaver programme)
You are contracted to
work for the company
after you graduate, so
make sure you’re
happy before you
Some will sponsor
you through
HND/HNCs, others
Degrees and many
full-on Honours
Similar to
typically that you
would work with the
company during
holidays or for part of
the week and study
at University for a
course related to
your work for the rest
of the time
Get a salary like any other
company employee, you
also get three years of
building-up incredibly
valuable experience
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Careers interviewif you would like to discuss education,
employment and/or training options further
I work Mondays and Tuesdays appointments are throughout the
day and are 30mins usually
I also have open drop-in sessions at all break times
-fill out the interview request form today
-speak to your form tutor for a referral
-come to the Careers library T6 or the office opposite T5 in the
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Thank you for your time